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Confused about telling people? Baby announcements ruimed.

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MsHopey · 15/12/2016 07:59

So, I'm really confused about what to do. And a bit annoyed if I'm honest. I told work I'm 6 weeks pregnant because I have an active job that involves heavy lifting. The management team swore to keep it secret, it's out first pregnancy and we wanted to make sure everything was okay before we told anyone. We wanted a big reveal, we only want one baby so we wanted it to be perfect. Plus we didn't tell anyone we was trying so it would definitely be a surprise.
But now everyone in my husbands family knows because someone in my place of work is my husbands, step uncles, sons girlfriend. And apparently she's telling everyone. Really miffed, n y husband is now not going to get the joy of telling people because all his family already know. I just don't know where we go from here. Also, it would have been nice to have gotten a text or Facebook message asking if it was okay to tell people, or hell, even a congratulations message. But nothing. Just an awful lot of everyone talking behind our backs.

OP posts:
ems137 · 15/12/2016 08:19

I know it won't change anything now but I'd involve HR. This woman has absolutely no right to go repeating this confidential work business to anyone. I'd actually be fuming if this was me!!

gigi556 · 15/12/2016 08:22

Agree. Get HR on it. Ridiculous!!!

INeedNewShoes · 15/12/2016 08:25

This is completely unacceptable and a breach of confidentiality. Speak to HR today. They need to know that there is someone untrustworthy in the team.

I'm in a similar boat in that I'm pregnant with what will be my only child. I'm 19 weeks and still haven't told my colleagues! HR know and my team's managers know which is quite enough for now.

I would advise that you let go of thinking things have to be 'perfect' though. You're setting yourself up for a trail of disappointments as we don't have that much control over our pregnancies.

Having said that, I would be livid if someone else had announced my pregnancy to my family before I got the chance. It's appalling.

MollyHuaCha · 15/12/2016 08:26

Careful with the heavy lifting! Personally, I wouldn't lift heavy things at any stage of pregnancy.

Sillymummy81 · 15/12/2016 19:32

Feel for you. I was in the same situation. Told my boss in confidence very early for similar reasons. The next day her boss walked into out office which was full and said congratulations on your baby news to me in front of everyone. I was gutted as it was so early and didn't want anyone to know yet. My boss heard, was mortified and she involved HR, I got a formal apology and he he got a ticking off about confidentiality etc. He said he just didn't think. Idiot. Sorry your surprise has been spoilt, but it will still be special when you get to tell the people who matter to you. You'll be able to share your excitement with them and even if they already know, hearing it from you both will mean so much to them. Try not to let it upset you. Just think of all the excitement to come! And congratulations! X

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