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My hemroid has been rubbing against the skin and now

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Nikki2ol6 · 14/12/2016 20:52

I'm 37 weeks and developed a hemroid about 2 weeks ago when I gave birth to a very large poop!!! My bum was bleeding badly after this poop to the point the toilet had blood in and there was blood on my bathroom floor!! So this huge hemroid appeared and the pain was unreal it was keeping me up at night so I spoke to my midwife who told me about a cream so I boiught the cream and have been using it and bingo all was going good! The hemroid shrunk and no longer hurt. But now it has some how been rubbing on the skin either side of it in my bum crack and now that skin is all red and very painful to walk so I have been applying nappy cream to this area!! I'm so fed up it's just one thing after the other!! I now realise this is probs not going to stop causing me issues and I'm so close to delivering my baby and fear it will get worse after pushing a baby out?? What can I do?

OP posts:
Saku · 15/12/2016 00:24

I fear the same for myself Sad

ICJump · 15/12/2016 00:27

Soak some pads in witch hazel then pop them in your freezer. It's great relief for piles and can be used post birth too

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