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Help - Totally confused by impossible but official due date!

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Picklingaround79 · 14/12/2016 14:34


I (think!) I am 29 weeks pregnant, having calculated my due date all along using both the first date of my last period (24th May) and the first possible date of conception (had sex for first time in that cycle on 6th June).

However, my midwives are militantly sticking by the 'due date' given by my 12 week dating scan, which is the 24th of Feb.

As I have a 29 day cycle, this would effectively means I would have conceived before or during my last period - impossible!

I know previous threads on this have said 'what's a few days?' (or a week in my case) but it's really worrying me to the point of anxiety, as for DD's birth I had a horrendous induction experience that put both me and her at risk, and this time around I want to avoid induction at all costs.

I'm also considering having an elective C-Section because of birth trauma, and I'm worried that they will pick a date which is far too early, putting the baby at risk of respiratory problems.

Can anyone shed light on how/why the NHS believes the scan result over what the mother is telling them, and whether you can contest it in the case of choosing a C-Section date for example?

Many thanks for your help!

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Brown76 · 16/12/2016 07:10

I was given a date from scan that made me 7 days ahead in my pregnancy. Then they wanted to induce. I went to talk to a supervisor of midwives about it (I was certain of my dates, and there was only one date I could have conceived). She actually 'changed' my due date back!

Picklingaround79 · 16/12/2016 08:20

Brown thanks for sharing that - I think I may need to do the same RE: planned c-section as midwife yesterday said they'd operate at 39 weeks according to scan due date (so 38). The RCOG say too many hospitals carry out c-sections a week early, increasing risk of respiratory problems (it goes from 1.5% risk at 39 weeks to 2.5% I think) which is enough to make me want to argue the case. Good you stuck to your guns.

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