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Anyone in the same boat?

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bambino1 · 16/06/2004 21:45

I am 32+1 with swollen legs and feet. My boobs are always leaking, I am covered in stretch marks and I am feeling throughly annoyed with being this big in this heat. Sorry to moan but does anyone feel the same or is it just me losing my mind?

OP posts:
kalex · 16/06/2004 21:48

Been there done that!!

Just think about the wonderful bambino you are going to get at the end of this,

bambino1 · 16/06/2004 21:50

Yeah I know but it is really getting me down. I look like a weeble as I walk and for some reason I feel people are always staring. My partner says I am paranoid.

OP posts:
sweetkitty · 17/06/2004 09:37

Can I join the weeble club, stairs are my bugbear why is there so many of them?

Bibiboo · 17/06/2004 09:39

Yes, I am am in the same boat! My feet swell, my boobs leak and I now have stretchmarks in places I did't think I could stretch! Great this pregnancy lark isn't it? I'm generally happy enough to ignore all these things (or at least forget about them most of the day) but in the evenings I get quite upset about it and that I'll never be the same again physically (and I wasn't too great to start with ). But when the baby's here I don't think I'll care one bit about them, and neither will you. It's good to moan though, gets it out of your system. And you've only got 8 weeks to go, I've got another 18 of this hot-weather torture to go!

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