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How soon did you?

18 replies

CP3 · 16/06/2004 16:59

fall pregnat after stopping depro contaraceptive injections. I only ever had one 4 monnths ago but decided not to have any more due to excessive hormones running round my body. Also staying off the mini pill till i feel im back to normal and have seen my gynae.

However Dp was a bit eager this morn and im my 16th day into my cycle and worried incase ive fallen again!

Whats the likelyhood, does anyone know?

OP posts:
essbee · 16/06/2004 17:09

Message withdrawn

Thomcat · 16/06/2004 17:15

I came off depo at the beginning of the month and haven't had a period or anything yet!!!
Sorry not an y help - just reminded me to be a bit worried about me!!

CP3 · 16/06/2004 17:44

Thanx Esbee, so it is likely then. So i supose its either morning after pill or worry for two weeks?

OP posts:
lou33 · 16/06/2004 17:47

Fingers crossed CP3.

Tc are you planning an announcement in the next few months at all?

Thomcat · 16/06/2004 17:51

I secretly wish Lou but no!
No i mean since coming off the injection my body is till in limbo, don't think I could get pregant if I tried tbh at the moment. i must have to have some sort of period before I could conceive???

CP3 · 16/06/2004 18:18

Good Luck TC. No doubt cos im not planning one i will be pregnant. When we were trying it took 6 months both times.

Trouble is ive no idea whats happing with my cycle as always taking tablets to stop bleeding. All i know is its 16 days since i last bled, so im a bit worried.

Watch this space is all i can say.

OP posts:
CP3 · 16/06/2004 19:51

Anyone else fall pregnant easily after depo?

OP posts:
popsycal · 16/06/2004 20:11

it took us 21 months.....

cuppy · 16/06/2004 20:13

I had last jab in Oct and fell in May. So I dont actually know whether its the jab thats taken ages to wear off, or if it wore off immediately and it just took me 7 months. Am back on pill now so that can hopefully plan it a bit better next time.

Samcj · 16/06/2004 22:11

I think the official line is that it takes about a year to concieve after comming off depo, something I relied on a little too heavily! Hence I am here! I had last jab in aug last year, first period xmas, last period 17th feb! So 6 months total, 3 periods before baby made! So I would have thought it unlikely, but if you really don't want to be, morning after pill be the best bet? Or leave it to fate for a possible surprise in a few weeks!! Good luck.

blossomgirl · 16/06/2004 22:34

Hello. I was nearly a year before I even bled again, after 12 years of injections (my reaction when i see it written down!) (6 yrs depo & before that the evil SAfrican 8week equiv.) I've always believed that the injection is pretty strong, but it must depend on how your system works with regard how long the 'shadow' of its influence falls. I think I was lucky to get away with it.. (all those years, no wonder feels normal being pg!) dp & I conceived almost immediately after we started trying and after only 2 ordinary months of bleeding, 18 months after last injection.

motherinferior · 17/06/2004 08:28

TC, you don't need a period to conceive! Periods happen AFTER you've ovulated - they're the clearing-up stage afterwards, if you like. So theoretically you can ovulate for the first time after not ovulating and get pg before you ever have another period (this is what catches out breastfeeders quite often). NOT trying to worry you, just to let you know.

(Speaking as the woman so confident about her own cycle and predictable ovulation that she was convinced she could use the 'safe period'. DD1 is now over three )

CP3 · 19/06/2004 19:34

I have just woken up after crashing on the sofa. Feel really bad as i was watching the kids and just closed my eyes for a second. Whats worse is that has happened since i was pregnant before.

But theres no way i would get symptons this early is there. Please someone tell me im not pregnant, just overworked.

OP posts:
nutcracker · 20/06/2004 18:36

Hi CP3, i had the injection once but hated it so never had it again. It was another 6 mths before i had a period and we wern't using any contraception either but i nvere caught.
That could just be luck though.

Hope u get the result you want.

Oh and you may hate me for this but, with 2 of mine i could tell i was pregnant before period was due as i was very tired.

CP3 · 20/06/2004 18:41

Bugger Nutcracker. Im knackered and today was car sick, but could be cos i am exhausted.

I only ever had one injection so doubt it was in my system that much. Oh well good excuse for a new buggy

OP posts:
nutcracker · 20/06/2004 18:44


One other thing though (just to confuse you further ). When i had the injection it left me feeling tired and sick for about 4/5 mths. I even had blood tests cos i felt that bad, and did several pregnancy tests.

When will you know for sure ???

CP3 · 20/06/2004 18:57

Not that im counting but exactly 8 days

OP posts:
CP3 · 21/06/2004 19:39

Did a test today, was negative thank god. I know its a week early but ive tested early before and it was posotive with DS. Still feel sick though, must be a bug or the ad's.

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