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Morning sickness remedies and a weak pelvic floor..!

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laa · 14/06/2004 23:40

I'm pregnant with no. 3 and had really appalling morniing sickness with no. 2 all 40 wks. I'm really hoping that it won't be like that this time but, just in case, what has anyone used and found helpful. I tried ginger and the wrist acupressure things, but I still threw up several tuimes a day. Whilst you're reading this I thought I'd mention the delightful topic of pelvic floor - or lack of one! I've had 2 near 10lb babies delivered naturally and my pelvic floor is struggling. Any suggestions? Anyone else had this problem. Would ante-natal yoga or pilates help?

OP posts:
mummytosteven · 14/06/2004 23:48

I would have thought the best thing would be pelvic floor exercises - is there any chance you could get the midwife/GP to refer you for physio as they (physio) are the experts in this? Ginger is my pet remedy for sickness - trying to think of anything else... did you have any particular triggers like brushing your teeth - I think generally eating little but often helps things - I found having dried fruit around to snack on helped.

2babies · 15/06/2004 04:06

Hi, Make sure you eat lots of little meals, crackers, rice, pasta - whatever you can keep down. Also be sure to drink a lot. You don't want to risk becoming dehydrated. It's really awful, I remember. I was sick with both pregnancies. Hang in there! Don't have any advice on the pelvic floor though.

Bronze · 15/06/2004 13:07

I found its often hard to find the time to do pelvic floor exercises so when I'm out walking the dog or not in a rush I walk 15 paces stop exercise then carry on. I'm a big baby person too and I'm dreading what size this one will be and what its going to do me. The last completely messed up my pelvis by stretching it anyway.
i have no ideas for ms cos if I did I wouldnt only be feeling good myself but would be a very rich girl

zebra · 15/06/2004 14:08

Morning sickness: you could try 50 mg of Vitamin B6/day (25 mg 2x/day). It really works wonders for some women.

beansprout · 15/06/2004 14:15

Only thing I know for PF muscles is the exercises, as often as we can. I keep forgetting, then sneeze, this provides a certain reminder, and then I forget again....

foxinsocks · 15/06/2004 14:20

I found eating extra strong mints were great for my morning sickness (especially when there were strong smells that made me want to heave). Unfortunately, I found that pigging out on carbs helped but it certainly didn't help my weight gain and after giving birth and losing the 'baby' fat I ended up being over 10 kilos overweight from all my carb feasting!

The other thing that helped was ryvita with marmite (which may tie in with your Vit B thing zebra). But if you're not a marmite person, that may make things worse!

smellymelly · 15/06/2004 14:37

Hi Laa - I'm also 11 weeks and am starting to come out the other side of my morning sickness thankfully, there is no way I could cope with it if I had it for 40 weeks.

I hope you do not suffer for as long this time.

I used the sea-bands (acupressure) and they only work for me if I wear them 24 hours a day...maybe you could try the same. I take them off only to have a bath!! I have had acupuncture in the past, so that may help you. Also I had ginger capsules, better than ginger biscuits etc.

You could try a health food shop, my local does homeapathic remedies, like 'ipicac'(check spelling), and the owner actually offered to find a particular remedy for me, by using a sample of my hair!!! Don't ask me how... anything is worth a try when you feel so ill!!

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