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France or UK for birth?

16 replies

cosmos · 12/06/2004 13:02

Anyone any advice on this one.Been living in Brittany since Nov 03,got pregnant in Dec 03-Oh Boy!Still waiting to see if NHS will cover any of the medical costs,which with a nights stay in hospital last saturday are spiralling out of control.P and me not working so cant get any cover for costs from France.Also found it a struggle staying at a hospital where noboby really spoke any english.Although I speak some french theres nothing like a sudden stay in hospital to help you forget it all!
With all this in mind,and the longer stay in hospital after birth they have here,mabye its better I return to UK for the birth.Got any suggestions?

OP posts:
ggglimpopo · 12/06/2004 13:29

Message withdrawn

costamum · 12/06/2004 17:29

Hello Cosmos, no advice really - I am on the sep thread too but just saw this. Just to be nosy where abouts are you in Brittany. I'm currently at my mum's in Normandy - Avranches for a couple of weeks! Not very far away (maybe!)

cosmos · 12/06/2004 19:34

Hi costamum.Im in Mauron,Morbihan-off the road to Vannes,so not that near you at all!I know Avranches from a mega- cycle ride from Cherbourg peninsula down through Brittany(years back)
As I painfully remember its on a hill,am I right?

OP posts:
costamum · 12/06/2004 22:24

Yep, Avranches is on a hill - we are actually at the bottom of it - luckily for me! Yes, as I understand you are pretty far away from here! Shame!! Well, if you want I can contact you through contact another talker!

mharvey · 27/07/2004 15:38

Hello there, we are holidaying in france when I am supposed to have my nuchal fold scan in the UK. Can any of you living in France point me in the right direction as to how I can organise a nuchal fold scan whilst in France? My hospital in London say they have no idea but they are sure I will be able to do it.

Thanks for any help

sponge · 27/07/2004 15:51

There is a reciprocal agreement for medical expenses and although it may not cover everything it will help.
Look here

heartinthecountry · 27/07/2004 16:04

There was an article in the Times, Body & Soul section this Sat re: what its like having a baby in is rather 'journalistic'i.e written to make a good story but might be of interest.

SenoraPostrophe · 27/07/2004 16:15

The recip agreements usually only cover emergency care - not child-birth related stuff. But you may get cover. Ante-natal appointments are definitly not covered, as I found to my dismay during my 1st pregnancy.

I gave birth twice in Spain. French hospitals are apprently better, but I did find the language thing hard. My Spanish is good, but at the pushing stage you don't tend to feel very up to conjugating verbs!

I think if you can, I would try to arrange to come to the UK for the birth - just for the English-speaking nurses/midwives really

cosmos · 27/07/2004 17:19

Ive done the deed and returned from France to the UK for the birth,think your right Senora.
Its wonderful to know all my care is free here,and that well understand each other at the birth.The big problem now is getting dp out here,hes stuck in Brittany with three cats and six kittens to find homes for.Think I should write a book about this one....

As for booking a scan in France the best start has got to be to make an appointment at a doctors surgery,any should see you,and take it from there.

OP posts:
ggglimpopo · 27/07/2004 18:21

Message withdrawn

highlander · 27/07/2004 20:19

I always imagined that post-natal care in France would involve nice cheese and biccies, restorative glass of champagne, facial, teaching on how to select sexy, but BF practical lingerie.......

costamum · 28/07/2004 10:09

Hi MHarvey, I was due to have a scan in France whilst I was over there too - what you need apparantly (this is what we were told from French side) is to get a E112 which allows for non-emergency treatment etc. I live in Spain and it was a bit of a nightmare to get hold of - I was also told I didn't need it but in the end I did get hold of it just in case! Finally I ended up going back to Spain before my scan date was due so I didn't need it!

mharvey · 29/07/2004 15:45

Thank you all very much for your input. I will look into getting a E112, did you get this costamum through your GP in Spain? I will speak with my GP in London and get a referral letter from her definitely and then do the other suggestion of getting the name of an Obstetrician from a pharmacy. It's such a pity the timing of pregnancy and holidays can't be timed for exactly when suited. Thanks again, Marianne.

alais · 29/07/2004 16:25

From June 1st, the E111, E128 and E112 forms were replaced by a European Health Insurance Card. It is valid for 2 years and entitles you to health cover in EEA countries (though you may need personal insurance to cover about 25 percent of some health care costs in France - it's worth checking before you arrange treatment). I found downloadable forms online - if you're stuck, you should call the British Embassy, or the nearest consulate, and ask for advice on obtaining cover while resident abroad.

All best.

alais · 29/07/2004 16:30

Sorry - Oops! it is actually being implemented in Ireland - the UK timetable for this as yet is a bit confused, and 'not available' - so it's worth checking out what will happen re. the implementation of the new system over the next 6 months!

costamum · 29/07/2004 18:48

Marianne - I got this through the Spanish Dep. of soc. sec. who sent me here and there and finally all I had to do was send a fax for it - I didn't actually need a referral letter but this may be a different case from the UK. I believe from the UK you may have to write off for the E112. I was also told a few times that I didn't need it etc. but since as the doctors in France asked for it I thought it was better to be safe than sorry! Can't wait till the European Health Ins. card is actually implemented - hopefully it'll make life a lot easier.

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