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Help to keep the peace!!

18 replies

Samcj · 30/05/2004 21:13

Strange question I know but if you aren't married whose last name does the baby get? I thought it was the mothers, DP is insistant it is the fathers? Or can we choose? He has a much nicer last name than me, also the names we both like just wouldn't 'go' with mine, so I'd be quite happy to be wrong!!
I'm sure I must be the only person to want to know the answer to this question so I really hope everyone else out there will be able to sort this one out for us without bloodshed!!

OP posts:
Nutcracker · 30/05/2004 21:15

Our kids all have Dp's surname, but they can have either as far as i know.

libb · 30/05/2004 21:21

Hi Samcj,

We've gone with DP's here too - and I also changed my married name by deed poll back to my maiden name so it doesn't appear on the birth certificate. (divorce is still going through and I didn't think it was appropriate to use my married name!)

Hope you are keeping well, things aren't bad here. Look after yourself won't you? xxx

Samcj · 30/05/2004 21:31

Oh thats really good news! So neither of us were wrong as such so we won't be able to argue about that either! And we don't have to rethink the names (that by some miracle!) we agreed on. Also means I can aviod carrying on the name of my estranged father. All good!
Libb, how are you all? How is life with Reuben? Have I spelt that right? Sorry! Good to see you're still here! I'm well starting to feel human again rather than a sleepy sicky creature!
Lovely to hear from you.

OP posts:
wilbur · 30/05/2004 21:48

samcj - you can call them whatever you like, they don't have to take either surname. Or double-barrel them. Baby Humperdinck-Rockerfeller, if you so wish.

jampot · 30/05/2004 21:57

Dh and I weren't married when our children were born and I seem to remember that I couldn't register the children with my dh's surname without him being there. So if you want your child to have his surname make sure he goes with you!

Samcj · 30/05/2004 21:57

God, wouldn't my child thank me for that in the years to come!! I know, even better, we could be fashionable and call it Banana Humperdinck-Rockerfeller!!!

OP posts:
Samcj · 30/05/2004 22:01

I hope he'll come... I've just been winding him up good and proper and told him if he wants the baby to have his name he has to propose and/or marry me first!!! I really was only joking but you can hardly blame me for trying, but he took it all a little too seriously and dosen't seem to be talking to me!! Oops! Aren't I awful!!

OP posts:
sweetkitty · 30/05/2004 22:05

my DD-to-be getting DP's name as well, one day we will get married so thought it was better she got it just now.

mummytojames · 30/05/2004 22:08

if both parents are there then you are asked which surname you wish plus do you know that you have to have children re registered if you marry the father
if you go alone then theres no chooice its got to be the mothers name

libb · 30/05/2004 22:14

We registered Reuben this week and DP had to be there if he wanted parental responsibility, luckily he did . . . (kidding!)

My DP isn't overwhelmed by the idea of marriage either! His words "haven't we enough to worry about?" hung around for a long time! but then I do still have to get the first hubby out of the way! Sweetkitty, I also like to think it will happen one day so I am saving myself a job!

(I promise I will stop butting in on your threads now!)

popsycal · 30/05/2004 22:20

o know the law has changed recently but ds was registered with dh's name (dp at the time) and when we got married we had to re-register him EVEN THOUGH HIS NAME WAS EXACTLY THE SAME!! But now i am on it with my married name and not maiden name

not sure why we had to but were told the first time we registered that if we married we had to re register him

does anyone know if this law still stands? ds was born in 2002 and we onlt married last summer so still recent...

libb · 30/05/2004 22:23

I understand the law changed in December 2003 - hope that helps . . .

mummytojames · 30/05/2004 22:26

that law still stood in sept 2003 havent been told no diferent

karen01 · 31/05/2004 02:14

Does this mean i need to change my DD Birth certifacte. As she is 7.5years old and I got married last summer ( not to her father).
She has already been registered twice once in my name without her dad on bc as hecouldn't be there, then we were given a speacial form to take to get her redone to change her name from mine to his and to put him on the bc, then he left me when dd was 18mnths so i changed her name by deed poll back to mine.
Do I now need to get my name changed on her BC.
if i do tI think i have a problem as her Deed poll and BC are all in cyprus with DH will have to get him to look for them. (sorry about rambling hope it makes sense)

Wallace · 31/05/2004 08:07

In the hospital though they will call your baby by your surname if you are not married. Never heard of the re-registering thing if you marry the father. We got married when ds was 4 months old, nobody mentioned it. I wonder if it is different in Scotland?

jampot · 31/05/2004 08:27

my kids were born in 93 and 96 and we married in 98 - do I have to get them reregistered then?

Cam · 31/05/2004 20:00

popsycal, it is you who has changed your registration on your child's birth certificate, to your married name. I don't believe it's compulsory is it? I did it about a year ago as we weren't married when dd was born(I remember being told we could do it but I forgot for about 5 years!)

Cam · 31/05/2004 20:01

jampot, you can get issued with new birth certificates for your children, showing your name as your married name.

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