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HELP! Toothache what can i take?

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ja9 · 28/05/2004 08:13

Im 6 mths pregnant and have bad toothache today. I need help to get me through thte day... Am i allowed to take anything? If so, what?

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twiglett · 28/05/2004 08:59

message withdrawn

rsv1000r · 29/05/2004 13:46

Don't know if you still have toothache today, but other things you can use are oil of cloves rubbed on the gums or bonjela that's also used for teething.

ja9 · 29/05/2004 17:32

Thanks. I've been meaning to make an apt for the dentist for ages but was trying to hold off until the summer hols - I'm a teacher, and i feel like i've asked for my class to be covered a lot of times already due to all my ante-natal appointments.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions - i'll test them out!

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