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Urine Infection or something else?!

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littlelamb · 25/05/2004 19:32

Hi all, I'm new, but leaving it a bit late as 37 weeks today! Last night I was kept awake by what felt like really bad period pains, which were constant with a sharp pain coming about every quarter of an hour. Have settled down today, but I still have a kind of dull ache. I saw the doctor this morning who mentioned that I had white blood cells in my urine, but I have done for some weeks now and they haven't found anything wrong. Could this just be a symtom of an infection, or could it be, (please, please, very impatient pregnant lady!!) the start of labour. I blame my pregnancy brain and lack of sleep, but I didn't mention the pain to the doctor, it was very early so just sat there in a zombie-like state! This is my first baby so have no idea what to expect, though I have been guzzling down curries, pineapple and RLT for a couple of hopeful days now!

OP posts:
Hayls · 25/05/2004 19:42

Hi, I had a urine infection late on in pg (dd now 4 months) and the pain was excruciating. I did think I was in labour but it was an infection. I have to say though that my symptoms were quite like the ones you describe and gradually faded away with the help of paracetamol and antibiotics. However, I had no real warning of labour starting as my waters broke first and I then got 'proper' contractions almost straight away so they could be early contractions and feel just the same- what do I know?

If you're worried you should contact your midwife or the delivery suite, if only to put your mind at rest
HTH, probably not!

karen01 · 25/05/2004 22:03

littlelamb-come over to the due june thread and join us as we are all impatirient pg ladies over there. agree with Hayls though if you are worried or want medical advice contact the Delivery suite.

Hope everything is ok.

lalaa · 25/05/2004 22:28

As a recurrent UTI sufferer, I have to say that your pains don't sound anything like my experiences of urine infections! Even during the later stages of pregnancy when my bladder seemed to numb, I knew when I had a UTI. For me, at least, the usual form is that it just hurts (like hell) when you go to the loo. Then I usually feel pretty ropey generally, and maybe get aches around the site of my kidneys.

The pains you describe sound more like labour pains!!! Bad period pains is definitely more labour than urine infections in my experience (not vast, as only have one dd!). Hope it is and good luck for the birth!

mummytojames · 25/05/2004 22:36

it sounds like the pain is bracton hicks i had them atleast once a week whe i was pregnant and the dull ahe sounds familiar to the bracton hicks aswell

littlelamb · 25/05/2004 22:41

O I really hope they are labour pains I'd hate to think I was going through all this because of a little bit of bad wee
I'll ring my midwife tomorrow to see if I should go in for a check up. I don't know if this is another sign of imminent labour, (please, please god) but I am totally exhausted. Yes I know that at my size I am likely to be exhausted, but I have suffered chronic insomnia throughout the whole of this pregnancy and have had difficulty even managing to have a nap, but since the weekend I have been so tired and actually slept a bit which is a huge deal for me! My midwife told me that my body would somehow get the energy it needs for labour, so maybe this really is the beginning. Very exciting

OP posts:
Samcj · 26/05/2004 11:02

Hi little Lamb!
A urine infection might explain it (sorry!). I had one recently, sharp interrmittant pains, I was only 12 weeks, so had an ultrasound scan, I was convinced I was losing the baby.
All is fine, you don't always have pain on urinating you might just go more frequently (Probably hard to tell for you at the moment...?). So my advice would be urine infection or labour, try and drink lots of water and fliuds to flush any infection that may or may not be there out so at least your bases are covered! This might prevent you from having to take antibiotics too! Good luck!

Toothache · 26/05/2004 11:54

Littlelamb - I am nearly 30wks pregnant and have my 5th UTI this pregnancy. It doesn't sound like a UTI although they seem to attribute so many pregnancy pains to a UTI.

Watch out if you are drinking more than a couple of glasses of RLT a day. It can irritate your womb to contract, but not dilate your cervix unless you are ready for launch!
That could be the pains you are experiencing.

Hopefully it'll be your day soon.... some of us still have 2mths to go!

PS: Welcome to Mumsnet!

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