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Pregnancy brain

36 replies

BIBIBOO · 20/05/2004 09:15

Does your brain (or the memory part anyway) shrink during pg? I hunted the office high and low yesterday for my car keys, checking every desk I'd visited through the day, the filing cupboards, the jacket pockets of all the coats I could lay my hands on ... only to find them in the tea cupboard, amongst the mugs and spoons.
I don't even remember making tea yesterday.

OP posts:
beansprout · 20/05/2004 09:25

Completely and utterly.... sorry, what was I saying?!

I keep making "to do" lists at work (clever) and then forgetting to check them (doh!)

piglit · 20/05/2004 09:27

I've been doing that as well. I also find that I say things that make no sense at all (even more than usual ). I told dh that I was going to iron the grass the other day and he looked at me like I was mad. Of course, what I meant to say was that I was going to cut the grass. I think.

beansprout · 20/05/2004 09:35

Piglit - same here!! I don't seem to be able to formulate a decent sentence at the moment. I had a meeting with my boss the other day (late middle aged, wordy academic) and just talked utter nonsense the whole way through!!

Am still v good at conveying clearly and concisely what I feel about bad drivers who need the benefit of my advice though

dinosaur · 20/05/2004 09:40

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

beansprout · 20/05/2004 09:47

There was a great strand on here a while back which asked if anything actually gets smaller during preg - the conclusion seemed to be yes, your brain and your feet!

monkeygirl · 20/05/2004 09:53

My patience and good sense of humour has also got smaller and smaller this pregnancy...

sponge · 20/05/2004 10:12

Not sure about the feet. Mine seem to be spreading!
Brain is utterly addled and I'm much more irritable.
Mind you I apologised to DH the other day for being so snappy and he said he hadn't noticed. Perhaps I'm always like this

beansprout · 20/05/2004 10:12

As has my stomach NB on the inside, not the outside, even I am not THAT deluded!!!
Am really not at the squashed stomach stage, but can't eat the big meals I used to!

tillymint · 20/05/2004 20:42

Have collected all my certificates together, from CSE's to Degrees. Will be sending them back - I nolonger qualify holding them!!
Brain smaller
Feet bigger.

Thinking off dying my hair blonde, to complete the transformation (no offence intended)

highlander · 20/05/2004 20:46

I'm supposed to be writing a PhD thesis before I pop. Problem is, I start the day with a 'I'll just have a quick look on MN' - tends to stretch into 3 hours, then it's lunch time........

My sister sent me over some OK mags - I never thought I would be sooooooo happy to read about Jordan

Gem13 · 20/05/2004 20:52

Thought pregnancy brain was a feeble excuse. I didn't suffer from it at all and had DS.

Second pregnancy I was absolutely hopeless from the word go. Forgot names of people, names of objects, got lost half way through a sentence, locked myself out of the house, left keys in unlocked car, etc. and... DD arrived.

Not only did she steal my looks but my brain too!

Linnet · 20/05/2004 22:30

I was never the same after ahving dd. Now due baby #2 anyday now and I can honestly say I'm worse now than ever.

I was looking out of the kitchen window the other day and told dh that was going to go out and cut down all the dandelions now that they had died off, he just sort of looked at me, I meant daffodils, oops.

My cousin asked me to search for her brain when I go into hospital as she's never been the same since she had her second and is sure she must have left it there when came home, lol

Celou · 21/05/2004 14:16

Do you actually stay thick and forgetful then? I'd always had such a good memory now I seem to be forgetting where I put things, and sometimes say things that don't make sense, it's like I don't think before I open my big gob.
I wonder if it's because we've got too many things to think about so we don't pay much attention to the present???
Also I have no patience and no coordination (I have NEVER been clumsy before!!).
I didn't realize your feet were supposed to get smaller (or am I being thick again?).

bottersnike · 21/05/2004 14:32

and all your order in the wrong words come.

tomkitty · 21/05/2004 14:44

Very scatterbrained and periodically highly emotional too. I get confused about which stupid thing it was that I said to which person. Could my forgetfulmess be protecting me from the awful truth?

twiglett · 21/05/2004 14:50

message withdrawn

tillymint · 21/05/2004 22:03

If ever we can't find the phone, check the fridge! Next to the chocolate!

Lisa78 · 21/05/2004 22:08

When expecting DS2, I put everything away in the fridge, except chilled food of course. That went in my bag, in the cupboard, under the stairs and on one memorable occasion, on our bed...
DS2 is 6m now and my brain is just starting to come back, just, very slowly. And I locked myself out of my car twice. And had four minor prangs in the car, and three parking tickets...

cuppy · 21/05/2004 22:21

Yep - I definately pushed my brain out too!

I have to search the house for my keys each time I leave - it drives dh barmy!

Once, we only popped into my parents house for approx 7 mins and I lost them 4 times!

Big loud shouts comiing from husband!!

beansprout · 22/05/2004 09:24

Celou - I think the shrinking feet was just a comment on the fact that we can see less and less of them as our bellies obscure the view!

Bronze · 22/05/2004 11:46

My IQ dropped by 17 after having DS1.Ive never felt the same again but I do now know the theme tune to every programme on the carrot club. now pregnant with number two I hope it doesnt go down by the same amount again or I will be below average


SenoraPostrophe · 22/05/2004 12:42

I'm still suffering from erm, thingy. Ds is 4 months.

Apparently it's caused by minor malnutrition - babies are parasites and they get all your vitamins, if you don't eat absolutly tons of veg etc, then your brain (and skin etc) starts to suffer.

Perhaps I'll have a fruit salad tomorrow.

eidsvold · 22/05/2004 19:27

my most embarrasing moment happened last week - went to buy a present for a friend - found a lovely mug to go with 'designer tea' that she loves - only on my way back to the car realised that although the mug was lovely - it would have to go back - bought it with the wrong initial on... K instead of a C. Didn't I look like a div going back to the store to change it.

BIBIBOO · 22/05/2004 20:17

Ladies, I'm about to do the IQ Test the Nation thing on BBC1 with DH - whipped his a$$ last year, not so confident this time!
DH says I'll be cheating as I have 2 brains in my body: have tried explaining that baby is leeching off any spare brain power I have for it's own devices, but he won't believe me. Anyone else doing (done) this test?

OP posts:
Bronze · 22/05/2004 22:07

I'm doing it, must go check the answers. Will be depressed if I'm even thicker again


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