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blood when I'm throwing up

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hana · 19/05/2004 20:58

I'm nearly 9 weeks pregnant and have been v v sick with this one. Just a while ago when I was sick there was quite a lot of blood mixed up with it all. Am worried, and about to ring NHS direct. Has this happened to anyone else?

I've been taking low dose aspirin as well every other day, this is listed as a side effect. Is it serious?

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expatkat · 19/05/2004 21:15

It's almost certainly the asprin; this happened to a friend. NHS direct will probably send you on to hospital--they always do. They'll be worried about the off off chance it's a blood clot or something, which it wouldn't be because you're taking asprin! I, personally, am sure it's the asprin. Let us know what NHS Direct says, though.

Another possibility is that you're being sick so much you've irritated/torn (?) a bit of the esophagus. . .but I still think it's the asprin. Good luck.

misdee · 19/05/2004 21:15

its always best to get blood in sick checked. what may have happened, is with the force of throwing up u may have had a small tear appear in your throat. i wouldnt have too much of a clue with the aspirin, but dh has warfarin to thin his blood (isnt that what aspirin does as well?) and as he has been coughing lately has been bringing up blood as he has a small tear.

hana · 19/05/2004 21:37

yes, it thins the blood and is sometimes prescribed for women who have recurrent m/c

just off the phone with a doctor - said to stop taking the aspirin as that is a known risk ( the bleeding ) and that taking it for recurrent m/c is still inconclusive....told me to see my GP and talk about what I should do.
Maybe taking the aspirin is a psychological thing, thinking that everything will be fine?

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beansprout · 20/05/2004 08:31

Hana - first of all congratulations!!!

I hope your GP can give you the reassurance you need. It's bad enough being that sick without this as well! Don't have any advice, just hope it gets better for you soon

BIBIBOO · 20/05/2004 09:22

I would say it's a mixture of the aspirin which thins your blood and maybe a tear/graze on your oesophagus. Get it checked out just in case though. NHS Direct do tend to always refer you to your GP, but it can be reassuring to talk to someone while you're waiting for an appointment at your surgery. Hope it's nothing serious, let us know,


hana · 21/05/2004 18:35

thanks everyone

gp put it down to taking the aspirin and had told me to stop taking them, and also gave me some gaviscon to help with the burning (but I gag on that too!)
have only been sick a couple of times today, so that's an improvement. She also offered anti-nausea tablets, but I decided not to take them.
am hoping that I improve at the 12 week mark, 3 weeks to go!

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