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So tired... and I am only 23 weeks...

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dejags · 12/05/2004 17:20

I feel like such a wimp. I just can't keep up with a full time job, managing a toddler and being 23 weeks pregnant. Some days by lunchtime I am so tired I have to leave work and come home for a sleep.

I know my colleagues' patience is wearing thin and have started thinking that it must be me? I have been to the docs and had a full blood count - which came up normal.

It's only Wednesday and I am already exhausted - not helped by the fact that I am not sleeping very well at the moment.

Any tips on getting through the next 11 weeks until I go on maternity leave...

OP posts:
shrub · 12/05/2004 17:29

sleep as much as you can go to bed at 7 if you have to!- i too was hit by the tiredness plus toddler. can you ask to reduce your hours, have you any holiday entitlement? if no i would ask the doc to sign you off to see if you can recharge for a few days. making a baby is exhausting - i read it requires the equivilent energy of climbing a mountain everyday. this is such a special time for you, i hope you find a way to enjoy it.

beansprout · 12/05/2004 17:29

Dejags - you have my full sympathy! I have been boring the October strand with my non-sleeping antics, and am struggling to maintain a full time work load, dsd, other commitments etc. Have already cut out an evening class but it is difficult to see what I can stop or change.

Not sure what to suggest for both of us. Are your iron levels ok? Was it like this through your first pg?

shrub · 12/05/2004 17:32

plus try and not feel guilty about job. YOU and your babies health is the most important

piglit · 12/05/2004 17:35

I'm a complete wimp! I don't have a toddler (although I do work F/T) and I have never been so tired. I thought the tiredness stopped after the first trimester but mine seems to be getting worse. I can only suggest getting as much sleep as you possibly can and avoid trying to do too much.

I'm off for a kip.....

beansprout · 12/05/2004 17:37


hana · 12/05/2004 17:41

dejags, you poor thing. YOu have my complete and full sympathy, it's awful being tired and wondering how you're going to get through each hour..
I'm only 8 weeks preg and have a 2 year old, only work part time and on the days that I don't work it's all I can do to make it through to naptime when I have one myself. I also go to bed about 8....have just found a cleaner 'cause nothing is getting done.
Have you looked at your iron levels? They might be a bit low.Can you maybe do shorter weeks, like a 3 or 4 day week for the next 11 weeks, or go in later/leave earlier? YOur rest right now is most important, I hope you can work something out.

dejags · 12/05/2004 17:47

My irons levels are normal - I am sure my doctor thinks I am an utter hyperchondriac ...

Unfortunately I can't afford to reduce my hours because that will reflect how much maternity pay I will get and we are relying on every cent. If things dont get better soon I'll have to ask the doctor/midwife to book me off for a couple of days.

Does anybody know if tonics (eg Berocca) are ok to take in pregnancy - maybe this will help?

OP posts:
Tommy · 12/05/2004 17:53

agree with shrub. I was sooooo tired at this stage in both pg!

Gem13 · 12/05/2004 18:04

Are you taking a vitamin supplement? I was tired too while working second time round and with a toddler (though not really tired) and started taking the 'mum-to-be' vitamins from Boots.

I took the Sanatogen ones during my first pregnancy. Pregnacare made me feel very rough.

Lots of sympathy.

Jane101 · 14/05/2004 10:34

dejags, I don't think you're a wimp at all. I'm 24 weeks pg, with a 3 year old ds, but I'm a SAHM. I don't know how I'd cope with a full time job as well. With my first pg I started mat. leave at 30weeks - but I suppose that means you have to return to work earlier so it's not really an option.
No suggestions - but don't feel guilty or think you're doing worse than other people. You're entitled to be tired.

beansprout · 14/05/2004 10:46

Dejags - you are not alone! Am at work, but not really working as I am just feeling very spaced out. If I had any integrity I would go into HR and say "look, don't pay me for today as I really haven't earnt it", but like you, we need all the dosh we can get so am also looking to work as late as possible to save that precious commodity - maternity leave.

And then I start to feel overwhelmed by it all and I want to cry...

bunny2 · 14/05/2004 10:54

Can you delegate some housework/vening chores to dp? Then you can sneak off to bed. Dh sometimes puts ds to bed and I cral off to my own bed at the same time. it is the only way I can function properly in the day.

bunny2 · 14/05/2004 10:54

evening not vening in case you are wondering

Toots · 14/05/2004 11:54

I take floradix in yukky liquid form to try and keep on top of the iron thing.

I've just posted on October about tiredness too, you all have my deepest sympathy. Am lucky that I work at home and can dive into bed (on my way very shortly) but can feel just as tired after forty winks. Forty winks that are bliss to sink into it must be said. Please don't all hate me, I earn peanuts, and I'm very lonely at home all day

Have just had a (wry) smile about how we all look staring at our pcs all totally glazed over.

beansprout · 14/05/2004 12:30

Lol at the glassy eyed MNers!!

We don't hate you Toots - that could never be. I have the utmost respect for people who work at home. My lazy ar$e can grind to a halt when my boss is 6 feet away, so I always think you must be better motivated!

Is Floradix the stuff that dp bought me once that I turned round (in the style of a small child) and said "YUCK, that sh*t looks and tastes like weedkiller!" to? Ahem.

dinny · 15/05/2004 21:21

Hi, Dejags, I am feeling absolutely shattered at the moment too. Am 24 weeks with 2 year old and I work (part-time - 26 hrs pw). Am sure it is a stage as we near 3rd trimester (hmmm, does that mean the 2nd trimester energy - yeah, right! - has gone....?) Afraid I have no tips except maybe finding somewhere you could have a lunchtime sleep at work...? I really notice I am so much more tired on the days I work than the days I have at home with dd1 - am sure it's because I always nap when dd does. Hope you feel a bit better soon. D

sibble · 16/05/2004 06:08

sympathy coming from this corner too, 27 weeks, work p/t and have 4 year old who wakes at 5.30-6.0 and constantly tired. I started to take multivits and also fluradix (I don't mind the taste) and felt better about 6 weeks ago but now am anaemic despite those concoctions.
I have jsut started to rationalise what I can and can't do - had a cleaner start - just 2 hours/week to do the basics and do not get off the sofa of an evening after 7pm except to go to bed at about 8.30.
Not very helpful but as you can see from the posts lots of sympathy coming your way.....

tillymint · 16/05/2004 09:43

stop trying to be wondermum. Being tired is allowed. I take iron supplements from midwife, (even though I'm not aneamic),and drink probiotics every day. Yes I'm still tired but not exhausted like you sound.
You and yours are the most important. Go to GP for a couple ofg weeks off. Sod what your colleagues think.

See you on Sept thread!

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