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I keep getting beached

4 replies

twiglett · 25/04/2004 17:09

message withdrawn

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 25/04/2004 17:24


SpringChicken · 26/04/2004 10:15

I am like this too twiglett but the worrying thing is, i've still got ages longer than you to go.

I can't sit back on the sofa or else DP has to hoist me up - he thinks it's hysterical

CountessDracula · 26/04/2004 10:33

Oh god I did this in hospital when was in for high bp - was the middle of summer and I hadn't had a bath for months, I had a room with a bath and no shower so it was have a bath or go to vile communal shower.

I ran a normal amount of water and got in and half of it jumped out! Then I got totally beached and had to pull the cord to get them to come and haul me out! Cringe

CountessDracula · 26/04/2004 10:34

(when I say hadn't had bath for months meant had had showers, not that hadn't washed at all LOL"

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