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This business about second hand mattresses...

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spots · 24/04/2004 16:52

I have a chip on my shoulder about this one. Just looked at pram/carrycot mattress and although it's second hand it's in 'good condition' and ought therefore to be ok to use, according to recent reading. BUT it's made of the most disgusting foam rubber, with a sort of weirdy dry weave top sheet thing. I can't stand the idea of anybody sleeping on something so chemically, whether new OR second hand. I know you can get swanky organic natural mattresses, but I just wondered what about buying a nice new pillow and using that?? I know they're more puffy but maybe I could make a different cover for it or something? would really welcome other opinions on this.

OP posts:
essbee · 24/04/2004 17:02

Message withdrawn

spots · 24/04/2004 19:04

I know you're not meant to use a pillow as a pillow... I meant get a pillow and use it as the starting point for a mattress, maybe just the feathers... because organic ones are so ££££!

OP posts:
essbee · 24/04/2004 19:53

Message withdrawn

twiglett · 24/04/2004 21:16

message withdrawn

grumpyzebra · 24/04/2004 21:22

Spots: I use half of an old duvet as a cot mattress; I can wash it at 60 degrees to sterlise it which I think is best budget option of all.

spots · 25/04/2004 23:26

That sounds like a good idea grumpyzebra. Have decided on compromise (ish) - get really posh natural mattress for cot and make one out of something washable for carrycot (where baby likely to do lots of early days sleeping). You can get lambs' wool in hanks which should be quite good while the sleeper still weighs not-very-much. Think the whole new mattress thing causing me more sleeplessness than anyone else in the equation...

OP posts:
beansprout · 26/04/2004 09:56

I wasn't aware of any of this.

My brother has offered to give us the cot my neice used (about 4 years ago now). Is this advisable? Would appreciate any advice - thanks!

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