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I feel like my legs are going to explode

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bambino1 · 16/04/2004 23:03

For the last week or so my legs have felt really tight and as if they are going to burst. The only time I feel comfortable is lying flat on my back with legs flat, but being six months pregnant, this postion isn't best for baby. Does anyoe know what I am experiencing and what i could do to relieve it?

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CountessDracula · 16/04/2004 23:04

Oh god poor you, sounds like water retention. Are they swollen? Have you called your midwife to discuss?

bambino1 · 16/04/2004 23:06

they are a little swollen than usual. the midwife has said something like that and she said it will get worse and won't go till i have the baby. Is this true?

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CountessDracula · 16/04/2004 23:08

Well I don't know as I didn't have it, but I believe that is true.

this might help you

suzywong · 16/04/2004 23:10

for temprary relief you could try Clarins Heavy Leg Cream (jambes Lourdes) it's bright green and tingles when you put it on and feels heavenly. I had something similar, so sympathies to you

bambino1 · 16/04/2004 23:13

oh that sounds good. can i get that in boots do you think?

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CountessDracula · 16/04/2004 23:14

Don;t think Boots stock Clarins. Superdrug do now though, but maybe not every branch. John Lewis and dept stores do

suzywong · 16/04/2004 23:16

It really hits the spot, and one tube should see you through the next three months

bambino1 · 16/04/2004 23:16

thank you for that. I will pop out and get some tomorrow. Gives me an excuse to go near mothercare again!

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