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Dress to impress maternity wear - can you hire ?

11 replies

Pupuce · 04/04/2002 16:12

My friend has to go to a wedding when she will be 8 months pregnant... it's a very formal wedding.
Anyone has any suggestion... can you hire a very posh dress ??? Any shop does evening dress ?

OP posts:

Enid · 04/04/2002 17:11

Pupuce, I think there are some maternity dress hire shops (I've been looking as I will also have to go to a wedding when 8 months pregnant!), but they all seem to be in London.

I found a website called which sells second hand maternity wear and spotted a couple of v upmarket dresses from Formes (including the outfit that Helen Baxendale wore in Cold Feet when she was very pregnant and attended a wedding!) at very reasonable prices - don't know whether she would consider this option?


robinw · 04/04/2002 19:34

message withdrawn


Pupuce · 04/04/2002 20:49

Thanks Enid - she has ordered the Formes catalogue actually. I'll give her the website address.

OP posts:

slug · 05/04/2002 08:30

I got married when seven months pregnant in a dress from Ghost. The beauty of them is that they stretch, so I bought when 4 months pg and it still fits now I've had the baby. They have a website, but I can't remember the address.


wmf · 05/04/2002 13:08

pupuce - or if she's in london there's a lovely shop in covent garden. unfortunately i can't quite remember the name! i THINK it's called Bumpsadaisy. there's another one in kew that caters for the 'fuller-figured' ladies, pregnant or otherwise. if either of those could be of use, post again and i'll try to dig out the correct names.


cos · 05/04/2002 15:16

If she is near nottingham there is a great maternity hire shop called swells


pupuce · 03/05/2002 09:28

wmf - if you are around... did you find the names ?
Thanks !

OP posts:

wmf · 07/05/2002 20:51

pupuce - (only just logged on now for the 1st tim in a week or so) - I have a feeeeeeling that the Kew shop is called Big is Beautiful, but I'll hunt around.

Directions, in case you need them before I get back to you, are: the Kew shop is on the junction of Mortlake Rd and Kew Rd, and (when I was last there) there is parking on the residential streets behind. The Covent Garden shop is in the covered arcade, one of the end shops, on the first floor, entry I think from an area with cafes or small stalls.


pupuce · 07/05/2002 22:46

I will pass all that information along to my friend !!! I hope she finds something suitable.

OP posts:

aloha · 07/05/2002 23:04

Can I just add a word in favour of Ghost. I wore a bright pink, long embroidered dress to a wedding when I was about 8months. It was only a medium and I was vast. I wore it with a nice pashmina and high heels so I could only stand for a few minutes but felt v glamorous and still think I look quite nice when I look back at the photos. I can still wear the dress afterwards because they stretch when you wear them and go back to small when you wash them. Ghost is also quite trendy. Yasmin Le Bon and Paula Yates wore it when pregnant. There's also a shop called maternus in Dulwich, south London which has a small hire rail for formal eveningwear.


NHughes03 · 10/05/2003 16:21

I just hired a dress for my sister's wedding from Does My Tum Look Big In This. It's a lovely dupion silk dress and I'm soooooo pleased with it! Have a look at their site - worth a try.

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