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It's cold and I can't find a maternity coat on sale anywhere!

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lucyaclarke · 05/10/2006 10:05

I've tried the online stores, H&M, Dorothy Perkins, Next, all the normal places but no coats! I work in an office and need to look fairly smart, so one of my husband's fleeces / my ski jacket etc. wouldn't be suitable. I just want a plain black warm coat. Help! Any advice? Thanks! Lucy

OP posts:
Enid · 05/10/2006 10:06

I wore my normal one but undone

Enid · 05/10/2006 10:07

try bidding on this - expensive though!

CountessDracula · 05/10/2006 10:08

How about a swing coat that should fit your bump in! Plenty around this year

melrose · 05/10/2006 10:09

I bought a normal coat cheaply in Next but in a size 16 (was normally a 12) Not the most stylish thing I have ever owned but very useful!

lucyaclarke · 05/10/2006 10:09

Good idea, will try and find one!

OP posts:
NOredbullLOTSOFGAVISCON · 05/10/2006 10:09

topshop sell maternity stuff and have a couple of coats in, go to shop by, then scroll down to maternity and they are on jackets

melrose · 05/10/2006 10:13

Or how about a wrap? Some here:

lucyaclarke · 05/10/2006 10:19

Thanks everyone!

OP posts:
time4tea · 05/10/2006 13:27

I ended up in Evans when I was pg a few years ago, bought a huge size 20 coat in plain black with quite cute styling, it was pretty cheap (£40 or so) and smart and warm. I had also had fruitless days going round John Lewis etc etc. However, if swing coats are in this year, then this should be fine - the only swing coat going in 2003 was in John Lewis and £400.

wheelybug · 05/10/2006 13:28

jojomamanbebe do one - will see if I can find it online

wheelybug · 05/10/2006 13:29


thelittlestboho · 05/10/2006 15:35

I managed to bag a gorgeous funnel neck coat size 16 from sale in New Look a few weeks ago, for a fiver!! Result! I was panicing that none of my normal ones, size 10, would cover the belly. Just have a look in charity shops, ebay etc Happy hunting.


samuelthomas · 03/11/2006 16:23

They have just added a black wool pea coat to the Marks and Spencer Maternity range on-line. Sounds like it may be perfect. Hope this helps!

vesela · 03/11/2006 17:12

Try second-hand shops for swing coats, too - I struck lucky last week with a black wool one.

twelveyeargap · 03/11/2006 17:46

There was a thread on this recently.

themildmanneredjanitor · 03/11/2006 17:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

carrotcake · 03/11/2006 19:56

I've just ordered a long black one with brass buttons from Verbaudet, £53, also comes in green... took me ages to find one though. Apparantly it has an adjustable belt at the back so I'm hoping I can still wear it after (due Jan), would be even better if it goes round a sling too... although I haven't seen it yet. Might look terrible!

YellowFeathers · 03/11/2006 20:08

Warehouse have started a range of maternity wear. They had some gorgeous things when I looked.

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