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Is 'morning' sickness worse with twins?

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monkeytrousers · 25/09/2006 22:13

Just asking for my sis in law, she is pregnant with twins and is worried.

Just guessing I wouldn't have thought it'd make any difference, if it's bad it's bad, kind of thing, but wanted to ask those of you in the know

OP posts:
colditz · 25/09/2006 22:15

apparently yes.

foundintranslation · 25/09/2006 22:16

It can be, because the level of hcG is higher, but not necessarily.

Kelly1978 · 25/09/2006 22:16

yes defo. didn't suffer much at all with singles, but was v sick with twins.

milge · 25/09/2006 22:16

Yes, it was pretty grim for me, but I have not had a singleton pg to compare too. The tiredness was more debilitating for me, tho.

Kelly1978 · 25/09/2006 22:16

sorry that prob isn't what you wanted to hear!

monkeytrousers · 26/09/2006 13:45

LOL, that's fine Kelly. I only ask cos I had terrible sickness and exhaustion (but was the first in the extended family so no one around to understand) and that was only with one.

OP posts:
MarsLady · 26/09/2006 13:48

Not necessarily so! I've met some twin mums who weren't sick a single day. Spit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anniediv · 26/09/2006 13:50

I have had hyperemesis in 2 out of 4 pregnancies and really really bad MS in the other 2, and was always scanned early to check for multiple births as the higher level of hormones can sometimes make you feel more sick.

AardvarkTwo · 26/09/2006 13:52

With my first (singleton pregnancy) I was very very sick.

Second time, with twins, I was still sick but it was not nearly so bad and could continue to function everyday whereas I couldn't first time around.

First time was a girl and second time two boys so I attribute it to that!

jellybeans · 30/09/2006 12:06

I wasn't sick at all with my (boy) twins, had very few symptoms yet was sick with all other pregnancies (girls)

sleepysooz · 30/09/2006 12:23

I had twins and I was sick all the way through pregnancy, had to be admitted to hospital to get re-hydrated, and had anti-sickness tablets, couldn't even keep those down, couldn't even swallow without feeling sick, they decided to inject me, then it took another 8 days to find something that suited me, I eventually came home 2 weeks later with tablets that suited me, but felt dreadful for the whole 9 months, I still havent got my appetite back and the twins are nearly 3 yo.

Saying that, everybody is different, I know people with twins that were very well throughout the whole pregnancy!

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