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Red Bull

13 replies

geordiemacminx · 25/09/2006 11:57

I know that you are supposed to limit the amount of caffine that you have during pregnanacy.. and to be honest I have almost given up on tea and coffee more due to m/s.. was wondering whether anyone could advise whether it would be ok to have a can of red bull.. obviously not 6 cans a day but am just so incredibly tired at the moment could really do with something to pick me up a little.. am 9 weeks btw.

Many thanks

OP posts:
alexsmum · 25/09/2006 11:57


Tutter · 25/09/2006 11:59

i wouldn't recommend a caffeine kick tbh. try to get as much rest as possible and make sure you're eating healthily - sounds a bit lame but it's the best you can do for yourself and your baby.

red bull = evil imho.

jabberwocky · 25/09/2006 12:02

No, sorry, but it's not a good thing. It is normal to be totally exhausted at 9 weeks. Just try to get as much rest as you can. If you really think it is an abnormal amount of tiredness, have them check your thyroid levels when your blood work is done.

shhhh · 25/09/2006 12:06

No..! Definatly a big no..! Even one can has a huge amount of caffine in it.

Don't want to scare anyone BUT when I got pregant for the 1st time I was shattered and I to was drinking red bull on a daily basis..usually my breakfast..I would have on average a can a day. Sadly at my 12 weeks scan it was noticed that I have experienced a missed mc...
I thought nothing more..that was until I was pregnant again months later and for some reason I wondered what was in red bull..Yeah stupid I know but at the time I just drank it and didn't think of its contents. It was also at this time that I realised about caffine intake and pregnancy. I will never know if this was a factor and thankgod I am now blessed with a gorgeous dd and I'm expecting ds2b in Jan. All I can say is avoid it at all costs. I now drink caffine free tea and coffee (have done since the 1st mc) and caffine free drinks. Sure if I can't avaoid it then I do have the odd small glass of caffine pop and I do eat chocolate BUT thats all..Its not worth the risk imo. HTH. Oh and good luck. xx

geordiemacminx · 25/09/2006 12:07

Thanks guys... will give it a miss then.

Know you right about the rest thing... I'm sleeping 12 hours a day at the moment (although in 3 hour chunks). Been quite sick so my body obviously isnt getting everything it needs to make baby and keep me going.. have started taking iron supplements on the M/w's recommendation but cant take multi vitamins as they make me sick.

Apologies for the moan - monday morning blues!!

OP posts:
shhhh · 25/09/2006 12:15

watch what extra vitamins you do take. Take what your mw advises but check everything else. Not all are good in pregnancy.
It all sounds normal tbh, remember your body is going through huge changes at the moment as it's at the vital stage of making baby..!! Rest rest and rest more..! I can't do it so much now as I have a 16 month old to content with BUT take advantage now while you can..!! With dd I was sleeping as soon as I got home from work at 6pm till 7 the next day and I still could have slept more..!
It does get better but you have to perservere, not easy I know but its all worth it.. xx

liquidclocks · 25/09/2006 12:24

After 12 weeks you can start taking iron if you're anaemic - ask for a blood test if you're not offered one as it really does make a difference - but then, so does getting to that magic 2nd trimester!

shhhh · 25/09/2006 13:03

think I'm still awaiting the "2nd trimester" revive... Currently 22 weeks (tomorrow)..

geordiemacminx · 25/09/2006 13:23

They were santogen pro natal things but they made me very sick so am sticking with the folic acid alone. Re iron.. the m/w said to take a liquid supplement called spatone.. I'm only 9 weeks though.. is this ok?

OP posts:
carrotcake · 25/09/2006 14:15

As far as I know, it is definitely not recommended for pg women and kids, there's not just caffeine in it but it's packed with sugar and chemicals that are bound to make you feel crapper afterwards. Was there something on tv about some kids having this in their lunchboxes, Jamie Oliver maybe? Nasty stuff. I don't think there's much you can do about feeling tired at 9 weeks pg apart from rest, it's certainly the only time I go to bed at 8pm and sit at the bottom of the stairs thinking, must I climb up? Hope you feel better soon

hana · 25/09/2006 14:17

2 cans of redbull are now in the bounty packs given to new mums! big disclaimer on the box saying 'not for breastfeeding mum....for dads only'
thought it was hilarious

geordiemacminx · 25/09/2006 14:19

Thanks so much for all your advice... I made do with a carton of five alive instead... did quite have the same quailites but at least its good for the LO!!!

OP posts:
shhhh · 25/09/2006 14:49

five alive also has folic acid in it so thats a good start..!

LOL about the "red bull" in bounty packs..!

Not aware of the iron suplement but I am sure I have read about it on mn from other mums to be. If your mw has suggested it then it should be fine.
The sanatogen did me no good either and my gp advised me not to take it. As long as you are eating a healthy varied diet (or as much as you can through the sickness) then you will be fine. Just keep an eye though to your tired levels etc.
Remember that even though you feel crap your baby will be fine, your baby will take what nourishment he/she needs so will ensure they are it will be you who's the one to suffer!! I remember at around 20 weeks pregnant after throwing my guts up due to stomach bug I went to me gp concerned for baby. He told me the above and said it would be me who suffered and not the baby LOL. Giving us grief before they are even born !!

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