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itchy PUPPP and due!!!

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rachieg · 24/09/2006 10:38

im 39 wks 5 days and being drove insane with an itchy rash all over my body!!!!! nothing helps, tried antihistamines and steriod cream. my mw isnt keen to do any thing to induce labour until 41 wks!!! can i ask to be induced????

OP posts:
Daisymoo · 24/09/2006 10:59

Severe itching can sometimes be a sign of obstetric cholestasis - it's very rare, but can be dangerous if not treated. I would phone your midwife or delivery suite if I was you.

Daisymoo · 24/09/2006 11:15

Meant to say, I hope that doesn't freak you out, but there's no harm in getting it checked out.

TuttiFrutti · 24/09/2006 12:46

Rachie, there was a thread about PUPP on here a couple of weeks ago. It looks different from OC so if you've seen a GP or midwife they will know which one it is. OC affects the palms of your hands and PUPP doesn't.

I had PUPP and I can really sympathise. It was the worst bit of my pregnancy by miles. There is no cure except delivery - piriton tablets did help calm it down in my case, but they don't work for everyone and they don't "cure" it, just alleviate the symptoms for a few hours. This should be a factor in getting an induction early if that's what you want - it was written on my medical notes as one of the reasons for my induction, although that was 11 days post-term which was itself a good reason.

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