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Pulling feeling

5 replies

Nimme · 07/04/2004 08:18

I am 5 weeks pg (with no 2) and have this unpleasant pulling feeling (not disimiliar from when DD made her way out only nowhere near as bad).

I have had this before during periods.

Has anyone else experienced this? And what is it?

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dot1 · 07/04/2004 15:08

Hi Nimme - I had this when I was at exactly the same stage of pregnancy - sharp pulling pains - like sharp period pains. I had them on and off up until about 10 weeks - made me worried all the time something was wrong, but a few books mention it - I think it's just everything stretching and making room for baby! Fingers crossed for you - maybe mention it to your GP when you book in?

Lesley76 · 07/04/2004 15:18

I had the same thing Nimme, felt just like period pains and lasted (off and on) for weeks. Apparently its quite common and makes lots of women believe they CANT be preg because their period is about to start! Sorry don't know what it is but its quite normal so don't worry.

beansprout · 07/04/2004 15:26

Same for me - period type pains early on, up 'til about 9 weeks, and now (14 weeks) some sharp twinges, but all muscular I'm sure. (Not that I said that when I was running to the toilet every 5 mins to see if something horrible was happening!)

marthamoo · 07/04/2004 15:28

Me too, I think it is the muscles starting to relax. It was much worse in my second pregnancy than my first - everything stretched to hell already

Nimme · 07/04/2004 18:00

Thank you all,

I had mc last summer and started to worry this one was on his/her way out too.

So now I have no excuse for not going to the gym and try not to hit whale size again. Damn!

Thanks again.

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