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No scan photo - very mean

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lubella · 21/09/2006 14:08

At my 2nd scan - 22 wks the senographer was quite abrupt - although v professional but seemed to be in a hurry. When I hopped down I sai "oh we didn't do a picture" and she said "oh no sorry about that" and that was it. I am not angry or anything as I have loads from a wonderful 1st scan at Kings, I just wanted to hear what everyone thought...seems a bit harsh

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 21/09/2006 14:11

Sorry that you're disappointed, but it seems that in most cases you have to ask them first so that they can capture the image to print. If she didn't save the image she couldn't print it, even if she'd wanted to. And she wouldn't have time to rescan you for a picture.

LeBe · 21/09/2006 14:36

At our hospital there are signs everywhere saying you must ask at the very beginning as they take different pictures for you to keep than ones they take for the scan. Also i was sent to a smaller hospital for my 20week scan and luckily i rang before hand about something and asked about photos and they said they didnt have the technology to do photos, so i said i would wait to go to my hospital, luck i asked cos i would have been gutted too. Fell sorry for you Lubella but just think lo will be here soon and you can take loads of pictures!! x

julezboo · 21/09/2006 14:40

I think it depends on hospitals really, Ive had alot of scans due to complications and got 3/4 print outs each time.

Sorry you didnt get one though

poppynic · 21/09/2006 14:49

I totally agree Lubella. Who on earth doesn't want a photo fgs? It should just be assumed that everyone does unless they say then don't. Tbh I couldn't believe that they can't give you a video of the whole scan like I had done with my first in NZ. You just took along a blank video, they put it in their machine at the beg. of the scan and at the end they popped it out and bobs your uncle. Here I was told you can get a video at a different part of the hospital for £250. I don't think so. (DP and I returned our ds video to the video store in a rented video case - which was a bit concerning for us as to how we could possibly look after a real baby!!)

Blandmum · 21/09/2006 14:51

We had to pay for prints of ours.

I thought it was normal to pay for them. Isn't it?

julezboo · 21/09/2006 14:53

yeah we pay for ours in our £2 a go but if you get the nice scan lady you get a few free too! We have to purchase our tickets before hand though x

AvaLou · 21/09/2006 15:04

We didn't pay for ours with our DS, but with DD it was £2 per picture and £10 for a dvd video of the whole thing. We were delighted, and bought two copies of each picture as we knew they would get passed around friends and family and be gazed at repeatedly by us, so it was good to have one pristine copy tucked away.

It must be dissapointing for you, but if you can afford it there a few clinics that will do a 2d scan for around £70 and give you pictures?

LeBe · 21/09/2006 15:15

I had to pay for mine, the 12 week scan was £4 and we got 3 little photos and the 20 week scan was four bigger photos for £6, we didnt have the option of a video or dvd, but i thought everywhere had to pay?

lubella · 21/09/2006 15:17

Oh that's interesting - I didn't think to ask as the 1st lady had done automatically (although I did then make a donation as I saw a poster outside) and I agree - who is going to say "er no thanks I don't want to spend £2 on a photo". Poppy nic your post made me laugh! What a wonderful thing to have in your posession - so happy for you.
I guess I will just have to wait to see her little squashed face when she is born

OP posts:
shhhh · 21/09/2006 15:24

Thats the NHS for you.!! We went privatly and got them free..well not free given the cost of a private scan.!

Our hospital charges £3 per picture and we got them at 12 & 20 weeks. We were lucky at the 20 week scan as the sonograher was a lovely chap and gave us a free one. Bless..!!!

Blackduck · 21/09/2006 15:24

We paid for the first scan and got a whole load on the second scan for free......

samnbabes · 21/09/2006 15:28

We had to pay - but donation box so you could choose how much - ... but dappy woman for not asking you - surely EVERYONE wants photos??

SKYTVADICT · 21/09/2006 15:32

We had to take pound coins (£5!) and get a card out of a machine to give to the scanner lady.

Found out we had had a missed mc and the very nice lady gave us our £5 back - something we were not thinking about at the time but were grateful for afterwards.

eidsvold · 22/09/2006 09:33

in hte uk at the local hosp we had to let them know we wanted pics. You also had to give a gold coin donation. At kings we got a number and no charge.

Here in Qld Australia - got 3 at my 12 week scan with no3 and got a number at my 20 week scan with no2 - at no charge.

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