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midwife apointment - gestational diabetes?

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charmednlb · 19/09/2006 08:21

hi i had midwife apointment today and she is sending me for a glucose test at the hospital as the results came back 8.5 has anyone had this done and been ok? im a bit worried as serched for gestational diabetes on google and conviced myself i have all the stymtoms im 17 weeks

OP posts:
BBWBabeLisa · 19/09/2006 10:48

don't let it worry you too much. While gestational diabetes isn't an ideal situation, it isn't the end of the world either. I have type 2 diabetes and got pregnant 6 months after being diagnosed. I went onto insulin as soon as I found out I was pregnant. It controlled my blood sugar really well, and I had a beautiful healthy baby girl weighing 7lb 6oz in January. I'm now trying for another. If you have it you'll have to modify your diet and might need a bit of insulin (trust me, I'm a needlephobic, you can't even feel the tiny needle). As long as you keep your sugars tight you shouldn't have too big a baby (the main risk with GD).

3andnomore · 19/09/2006 15:13

Hi there,
with ms I was diagnosed with Gestational Diebetis and was fine just being diet controlled. I also had to sticks myself 4x a day to check on my own bloodsugar, and even though it is not the nicest thing in the world, you get used to it quickly!
Anyway, there is still a chance that this is just high sugar glitch...did you eat anyhting very sugary before you took your Urinesample? I am only asking as my friend showed high sugar levels in her Urine during her pg and when she thought afterwards what she had before she collected her Urine, she realised she had eaten just lots of sherbet-saucer things, lol!

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