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I burst out crying in the chemists today. How embarrassing!

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lucy5 · 15/09/2006 20:51

I have been having terrible heartburn and had been recommended to take Zantac. The pharmacist wouldn't let me have it as he said it wasn't suitable for preggers woman. He said don't worry, you only have a couple of weeks to go. I burst out crying and said No, i'm not due until December, he said Oh, are you having triplets!

This was after the woman in M and S asked me if I was having twins and 2 people had said, not long now love. God I'm the size of a house!

OP posts:
singyswife · 15/09/2006 20:52

Hi, oh poor you. I was massive and had terrible heartburn with dd1. Took my Gaviscon with me everywhere I went, even took it to mums on Xmas day fgs. Hope you find something that works. Have you tried gaviscon????

anniediv · 15/09/2006 20:53

How rude of them!! People can be insensitive. I am very on your behalf.

By the way, if yoy have no joy with getting Zantac, try Remegel, it worked for me when nothing else did.

lucy5 · 15/09/2006 20:53

Thanks, I'm the Gaviscon Queen!

OP posts:
Sophiev73 · 15/09/2006 20:54

Me too with ds2 - huge and constantly asked the twins question - drove me up the wall. Tums tablets in my handbag and Gaviscon in the drawer worked for me...don't worry, it'll pass. And your baby will be gorgeous.

mears · 15/09/2006 20:55

Get GP to prescribe Zantac - if he won't ask obstetrician. It can be used during pregnancy.

lucy5 · 15/09/2006 20:58

Thanks, I'm in Spain and on a trip to Gibraltar. Will ask my doctor here if there is something stonger here, they've just given me powdery tablets so far. Have been buying huge bottles of Gaviscon on my trips to Gib.

OP posts:
singyswife · 15/09/2006 21:00

What about sucking mints???? Used to work sometimes when nothing else did. Hope you feel better soon..

Olihan · 15/09/2006 21:04

Lucy, could you get someone else to go into the chemist and buy it for you, so the pg issue doesn't arise? I have every sympathy with you, I had the most horrendous heartburn with ds that I eventually ended up being prescribed daily ranitidine for after I'd been ambulanced to hosital because they thought I had a blood clot on my lung I was in so much pain for so long and the usual stuff didn't go near it. It's so painful and frustrating not to be able to sort it. I honestly don't mind posting you some out - can even get it on prescrip for free if you like. With my history they're not fussy about letting me have it!!

lucy5 · 15/09/2006 21:13

Thanks. it was not so much that he wouldn't let me have it, Elibean has offered to post me some too, it was me being oversensitive to everyone commenting on my size. It seems to be an hourly occurence! Thank you for you kind offer.

OP posts:
Rubystar77 · 15/09/2006 23:09

i used gaviscon tbalets last pregnancy and will do if it starts again soon, when does it kick in, i can't remember but am dreading it, but i had a gorgeous baby last year with loads of hair!so i wonder if the wifes tale is true!

lilymolly · 15/09/2006 23:14

I used to take 500ml gaviscon in 2 days!! I was massively over dosing and its bad cos of the salt content in overdose- i was prescribed ranitidine which is generic zantac I think, and it was marvelous!!! I was due dec 05 and could not have waiting until then!! I was not allowed to take my normal tablet zoton in preg but ranitidine was recommended by consultant.
And yes dd had loads of hair!!

saggarmakersbottomknocker · 15/09/2006 23:23

Sympathy lucy5. I was massive with dd, and had permanent heartburn. Got into a bit of a habit of weeping in the chemist's actually, starting with the day I found out I was pg....'How am I going to cope with 3, what have I done?' You get the gist I think by the end of 9 months he dreaded me coming in the shop. Poor chap.

Hope December comes round really quickly for you.

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