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Stretch marks cream

16 replies

Kalo · 12/09/2006 00:08

What would you recommend for stretch marks? I have pure coco butter but I find it to be sticky after I apply it.

MNHQ Update
This is an old thread, but if you've landed here while on the hunt for recommendations or advice on stretch mark treatment and prevention, our guide to the best stretch mark cream has been recently updated. It includes a wide range of options and has been compiled based on the advice of Mumsnetters and skincare experts. We hope it's helpful! Flowers

OP posts:
HelenaHandcart · 12/09/2006 00:10

Good genes.

Alibaldi · 12/09/2006 00:14

I had an Avent spray - oil with orange and something else. Used to spray it on every night - fantastic stuff and no stretchmarks here and I was an older mum. Wasn't sticky and smelt wonderful too.

castlesintheair · 12/09/2006 08:10

There's an oil you can buy from Clarins which you put on straight from shower. Can't remember what it's called but just ask at the counter. It is quite pricey but it worked for me 3 times or it could just be genes like HelenaHC says.

katierocket · 12/09/2006 08:11

It's genes. NO cream or oil will prevent stretch marks - fact.

HAPPYFACE · 12/09/2006 08:21

I believe it's more how quickly you put the weight on. My mum said she got them very quickly, I have 2 children, not one! I was really happy about this, I did use the cocoa butter cream too but watched what I ate and just tried to be sensible.

katierocket · 12/09/2006 09:21

I have friends who had tiny bumps and had stretch marks and friends with huge bumps and no stretch marks. It's your skin type.

chubszuki · 12/09/2006 11:43

hi all,
this is my first baby, ive been using coco cream too since i found out i was pg, as my belly got bigger and BIGGER no streach marks yeh! i thought untill last week at 34wks they appeard im still hopefull that if i keep using cream after the birth they will fade??!! xx

liquidclocks · 12/09/2006 11:59

I religiously rubbed in cocoa botter and vitamin e oil with DS1 every morning and night - no stretch marks until 34 wks

They do fade and massage helps stimulate the process rather than the type of cream imo. But, whether you'll get them or not is down to genes - my mum has awful stretch marks too but a lady who had her baby same time as me and was much bigger had none!

CurrantBun · 12/09/2006 12:03

It's all about genes/skin type and nothing to do with what you put on it. Fact.

That said, putting cream on may encourage the skin to be slightly more supple, so if you do get stretch marks they may not be as bad as if you'd used nothing. It's nice to pamper yourself anyway, and can't do any hard - just don't expect miracles.

katyjo · 12/09/2006 12:33

Hi Kalo, I used bodyshop body butter creams and I definately think they helped. I got stetchmarks on my hips from going through puberty and I only ended up with a few stretchmarks on my lower stomach from pregnancy and only in final 2 weeks. I think you will improve the condition of your skin in you moisturise before and after having baby though I don't think it matters what you do it with, and the more weight you put on will increase your chance of getting marks. Don't worry about it though, my stretch marks are part of my birth experience and I'm kind of proud of them in a strange way, they are part of my life - weird I know!! Good Luck X

Tiddler · 12/09/2006 12:55

Hi i haven't bothered with creams etc much, as just forgot, and im now 40wks and only got a handfull.. think it's just one of those things, as my friend used all kinds of expensive stuff and she's covered in them.. everyones diff. x

MumtoBen · 12/09/2006 18:39

I used Decleor Tonilastil oil. It's expensive, but I only used 2 bottles for the whole pregnancy. I didn't get any stretchmarks. It also stops the itching you get when your skin starts to rip.

I must be prone to them as I got them when I grew quickly as a teenager.

Kidstrack · 12/09/2006 18:46

agree with the genes! i have horrendous stretch marks as does my sister, mother and gran! I used Bio Oil with both pregnancies but got loads of stretch marks, Bio Oil has faded them a bit over the last 3 yrs!

artyearl · 14/09/2006 10:03

i'm going with the clarins body tonic oil - 'firming & toning' - ab fab at 32 weeks so fingers crossed - am on 3rd.bottle but reassure dh that as i'm not spending on clothes, products it is ! lovely smell no stickiness or oiliness, meant to cool shower it off once rubbed in? but haven't bothered with this! do also think it is a gene thing tho but will be starting a bit of olive oil application 'down there' as well just for the hell of it! (recommended by friend who has seen loads of deliveries!)

Flumpybumpy · 14/09/2006 12:45

I have used Bio-oil, firming creams, cocoa butter, the Avent spray oil, and a Champneys stretch mark reducer cream and NOTHING has worked, my bump looks like a road map. I even have them on my boobs .

I think it is just down to skin type and genes, sorry

Rumpel · 17/09/2006 16:06

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