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To all the PG pukers......

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GSH · 11/09/2006 15:41

How early on did you know you were preggers, i.e how soon did morning sickness start?

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mazzystar · 11/09/2006 15:43

About ten days.

But I am very unlucky with regards to pregnancy chundering

Divvy · 11/09/2006 15:47

I knew as soon as I gagged when I brushed my teeth! near enough straight away.

Are you feeling sicky?

GSH · 11/09/2006 15:56

Yes but we're talking 24 hours since BD. My last pregnancy was a while back and I dont remeber feeling this PG so early on, in fact woth DD I never even knew. Maybe this is just physcological or a phantom one if there is such a thing but Im feeling a bit scared because everything I eat I am physically throwing up.

OP posts:
mazzystar · 11/09/2006 15:57

was it alcohol- facilitated you maybe just have a hangover?

shhhh · 11/09/2006 16:00

I knew usually the time af was due. I always have felt the same with dd and with I have a hangover. Thing is it last months.And I didn't have the fun of drinking..!! Now 20 weeks and although it's not constant like it was week 4/5-18 it's only every few days..

GSH · 11/09/2006 16:04

I dont drink so deffo not. Maybe Ive just picked up a stomach bug. But I keep telling myself I had unprotected BD exactly 14 days after AF. Next day Im feeling crap and have physically thrown up. Didnt know how soon you could tell. This is not the worst news I could hear and maybe its just wishful thinking cause TTC for a couple of years now.,

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