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Travel Systems - advice - Silver Cross

3 replies

Oscar22 · 10/09/2006 21:43

Hi, having a nightmare choosing a travel system as this is my first baby and there's so much choice out there. I had chosen the new Atlan Travel System but then someone pointed out that it doesn't have a carrycot and the baby can only be in the car seat for 2 hours max so looked at the Silver Cross travel system but the basket seems so small. I want a light weight travel system with a decent sized basket and one thats easy to open and close. Can anyone advise?

OP posts:
camgirl · 11/09/2006 09:04

I have ordered the 3D and think it will be fine size-wise. However, when we were trying it out the saleslady said a very similar model is the Mamas and Papas pramette - might be worth having a look at that? Also the Bugaboo carrycot is quite large.

vickiyumyum · 11/09/2006 09:18

do you mean the silver cross 3d has a small basket? if so then i suppose it does have a small basket but big enough for everyday use, i can fit shopping in mine, e.g loaf of bread, 4pints of milk and a few other bits and pieces. i also hand light things from the handles (e.g i would hang a pack of disposable nappies fvrom the handles)i know your not supposed ot but if you don't load it up it will be fine. i've doen this with all 3 of my children and i haven't tipped a buggy yet!

another good silver cross system is the linear freeway, which you can buy a car seat to fit on the chassis to make a travel system. they are baout the same price as the 3d as you can get them from places like for £275
here i had this one in blossom and i regret selling it as it is a fantastic system. it folds flat so doesn't take up to much room and it has a reversible seat so baby can face either way and it also comes with footmuff and changing bag so a bargain for that price. it also has a decent sized shopping basket and good swivel wheels that can be fixed, it has an adjustable handle bar so good if you and your partner are differnet heights, a zip on the hood to open it for ventilation, good in the summer. the footmuff and bag that come with it are good quailty and you wouldn't need to buy other ones, the only thing you need to buy extra is a raincover and i got mine for ebay for £3.99 plus p&p much cheaper than the silver cross one and its a perfect fit.
i saw brand new in the box ones in salsa colourway which is greay and red for £229 so even more of a bargain. you can see these prams in mothercare and john lewis but i would buy form kiddicare or ebay as they are much cheaper, also which is a good online shop that sells them cheaper.


MrsBadger · 11/09/2006 09:24

I think the phrases 'lightweight' and 'travel system' aren't ones that normally sit together easily!

The Pramette is definitely worth a look as it lies flat, is light (as these things go) and folds well. MN also rates the Chicco Trio but I've not used one myself.

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