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beer seems to help with the nausea - anyone else experienced this??

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blossom2 · 08/09/2006 21:45

dont worry, i'm not drinking it during the day and not bucket loads in the evenings, but i've found that a couple of sips of Dh's beer stops me from gagging and being sick.

anyone else experienced this??

OP posts:
chubley · 10/09/2006 22:30

In the early days, what I learned thru experience, is that you need small amounts of carbs/sugar frequently - the longer you go between eating/drinking, the sicker you feel. Other fizzy drinks may help you without the alcohol. I like britvic 55 or orange juice with lemonade, feels a bit healthier than coke which I don't like anyway. Don't bother with the diet versions - full of rubbishy sweeteners - your body needs the carbs to grow the baby and make extra blood etc. Sweets/mints also help - even just before mealtime they actually helped me stomach food that I couldn't face.

I'm 32+2 and still get the occasional fizzy drink craving!

emkana · 10/09/2006 22:31

I found that I craved the taste of beer - I bought Becks alcohol free lager, it tastes really really good!

TooTicky · 10/09/2006 22:34

I craved cider like mad in late 4th pg - ignored it for a while then gave in and bought a bottle (organic of course!). It lasted me 3 days and afterwards I didn't crave it any more, so I must have needed it for some reason.

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