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Can anyone advise me about how to register for antenatal care in Tunbridge Wells

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Dubaisun · 07/09/2006 12:21

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this board, and am going to be moving from London in a couple of months to Tunbridge Wells so I am going to have to transfer my antenatal care and register with a new hospital.

Can anyone give me some advice about what I need to do - do I need to contact the hospitals in Tunbridge Wells, or do I need to contact doctor surgerys. I will be about 16 weeks when we move, so I don't want to miss out on any scan dates

Many Thanks

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 07/09/2006 13:00

You will be due a scan at 20-22 weeks probably
Best place to start is registering with a GP - they can then refer you to the correct midwifery team and hosp for your new area

clemsterdarcy · 11/09/2006 21:51


I live in TW ... you will need to join a local GP ... Clarincarde Medical Centre is good (Tel: 01892 546422). Local Hospital with Labour/antenatal care is called Pembury Hospital ... quite good but very busy (01892 823535).

I am 38+4 and plan to give birth at a local(ish) Nursing Centre called 'Crowborough Birthing Centre' ... midwife run with an excellent reputation ... 'home from home but with expert care. Crowborough is a 7 mile drive or so from TW and they can do all your antenatal checks etc. Tel: 01892 654080

Legally, you have the right to give birth and to checks wherever you want to in the UK ... don't let officious GP surgery receptionists fob you off!

Good luck.

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