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17 weeks and I haven't felt the baby move

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mum26plus · 04/09/2006 00:57

Hi there I'm a newbie, at least to mumsnet, not to parenting, I have 6 already with the 7th on the way. I was wondering whether it was normal not to have felt this baby move as I felt my last bub move at 12 weeks. Is it just that I'm so busy now or coould something be wrong. I won't get in for my first antenantal class for another week and I'm starting to get anxious.

OP posts:
serenity · 04/09/2006 01:14

I never felt my third move until after the 20 week scan (I think it must have been 21 or 22 weeks) I think it was just down to the position she was in - she was OP so most of the strong movement (kicks etc) were directed at my back, and I couldn't feel them until she got to a cetain size. In fact I don't think I felt the DSs much earlier than that either.

If you are really concerned, ask your GP or MW just to check the heartbeat for you - I found hearing it very reassuring whilst I was waiting for them to be a bit more active.

Socci · 04/09/2006 01:43

Message withdrawn

coppertop · 04/09/2006 06:12

I agree with Socci and Serenity. It's still quite early but if you feel that something's not right then give the MW a call. Good luck.

MsCommonSense · 04/09/2006 19:53

I was told by my Midwife, it's normal not to be aware of the baby moving for 20 weeks; sometimes as much as 24! SI wouldn't wrry just yet. Iam 18 weeks and I don't think I have felt mine move but I must just be confusing the signals
Stay positive

Olihan · 04/09/2006 19:59

Where the placenta is makes a huge difference too. If it's at the front it cushions all the kicks until the baby gets a bit more oomph to it's legs!! I had an anterior placenta with my ds and felt nothing until 24 weeks, but it was nearer 30 before I could count them reliably.

Like the others said though, if it's worrying you, ask your docs to check the heartbeat with a sonicaid - it'll stop you stressing at least!!

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