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have my waters broken?

11 replies

ronniemummy · 31/08/2006 13:03

Since the early hours of this morning I have had several incidents of "trickling" when getting up to go to the toilet which I have no control of. I have smelt the waters and it doesn't smell like urine so I am assuming that my waters have broken??? Have gone through three pairs of knickers and two jogging bottoms today as a result!!!

Am now experiencing period like pains which seem to come and go around the bottom of my bump and do feel like they are tightening- are these contractions or not?

Are you supposed to phone the hospital as soon as your waters have broken??? I was told to contact them if labout had not started after 24 hours- don't want to phone and waste their time!

OP posts:
muma3 · 31/08/2006 13:04

id phone them to let them know that you could be coming in at some point

good luck

Scoobydooooo · 31/08/2006 13:05

sounds like it is your waters & also sounds like it may be the beginning what you are describing with the pain lower in your bump like period is how my labour started with my ds, i would call the hospital just to let them know & get some advice....

How exciting for you how far are you? is it your first?

intergalacticwalrus · 31/08/2006 13:06

Oooh, another one!!! It's all kicking off isn't it?

Yes, I'd ring the hopsital. They might want to check you over. Good luck

HappyMumof2 · 31/08/2006 14:05

Message withdrawn

mumfor1standfinaltime · 31/08/2006 14:14

It sounds like little one is on their way! My waters broke in a gush but I still trickled for a while after! My friend just trickled!

The period pains you describe is what I felt too.
When my waters broke I just sat down and ate some toast (was 6am) and had cuppa tea. Didn't phone hospital until I was about 10 mins apart. Dh at this time was frantically putting car seat in the car lol!

How are you feeling now?

Mum2FunkyDude · 31/08/2006 14:32

Hi, you should inform the hospital, they will tell what to do. Usually the labour should start in 24 hours, if it doesn't they might want to put you on a drip as there is a chance of infection to the baby as there is nothing protecting it anymore! The constant trickle is because your body does not stop producing "waters".

Good Luck!

pol26 · 31/08/2006 14:39

Hey good luck- dsounds like your baby is getting ready to meet it's mummy!

LeBe · 31/08/2006 14:57

I was told at my classes (with the midwife) that you are to ring and go in if your waters break even if you havent gone into labour so they can check you. I would definatly ring them. x

HumphreysCorner · 31/08/2006 16:21

Yep, both of mine started this way.

Good Luck


chazza25 · 29/12/2009 12:09

help im not really sure if my waters have broke. im not due until the 21st january. my bladder is very weak and i have been waking up wetting myself. im not due until 21st january 2010. I want to know how you know if ur waters have broken

lola0109 · 29/12/2009 12:19


I thought I'd answer as you sound quite distressed, everyone experiences different things when waters break, mines was waking up and thing they had broken and phoning hospital to be told are you sure you just haven't wet yourself, after spending the next 6 hours trickling i had decided that I hadn't in fact wet myself, it had turned out my fore waters had broke but my hind waters hadn't so went to hospital and they broke them for me.

My sister on the other hand stood up and it was like a movie scene, just a huge puddle!!

If the trickling is constant then yes, waters may have broke, but if its only at night then sounds like a bladder issue, the joys eh!

But if you are worried at all just phone the hospital and they'll reassure you or ask you to come in to get checked.

My mum is a midwife in triage and its very common for women to phone in and think their waters have broke when it's just a naughty bladder.

In fact I have a terrible cough just now so think my waters are breaking about 5 times a day!!

Good luck!

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