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no period but bfn...did this happen to anyone and turned out bfp?!

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glittercaz · 30/08/2006 16:56

I initially posted this in the conception forum but realised it might be better to ask you lovely pregnant ladies! Any stories greatly appreciated!

Anyway, I know it could be stress, yes I know it could be body adjusting after coming off pill 2 months ago (though last month first ?real AF arrived regular as clockwork at 28 days in) but now 5 days late, feeling sick, gone off coffee, twingy pains in lower abdomen, boobs a little sore, the whole shebang?.

Before I went on pill I was regular as clockwork and had no probs such as PCOS?went to doc this morning and told him that test this morning was BFN but he thinks I?m pregnant anyway and says to wait a few days to retest. Am hoping that is the case, but surely test result should show pos by now? Anyone out there tested at this point only to have BFP later? I?d really appreciate hearing others experiences!!!

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LeBe · 30/08/2006 17:05

Hey Glittercaz.

I did a test on a Friday afternoon and it came up negative as soon as i did it, i only had one symptom-sore boobs and my periods have never been regular due to endometriosis and i have been told many times by docs that i would most likely need help getting pg, but i did another test on the following Tuesday (only cos i had brought 2 tests)and it was positive!! I am now 31 weeks pg. I hope you get the result that you want.

Good luck x

beckyndanuk · 30/08/2006 17:11

Took 3 tests for ds to show up and he was my second child.......!

glittercaz · 30/08/2006 17:26

thanks guys, I really hope it's a similar story for me! bit worrying if it's something else.... anyone else with a similar experience? xxx

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Jackstini · 30/08/2006 17:33

I took 4 tests - finally got BFP 10 days after AF due date - good luck and keep us updated!!

glittercaz · 31/08/2006 10:15

thank you all again, i will keep you posted - fingers crossed! anyone else out there? x

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