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braxton hicks

2 replies

topsy1 · 30/08/2006 09:21

might have been asked before, but does anyone esle find that with their 2nd pg the braxton hicks are quite painful and happen alot more and alot earlier in pg - is this normal? seem to have periods of lots that are quite sore but not regular.

OP posts:
coppertop · 30/08/2006 09:24

I found that with each pregnancy the BHs were earlier and stronger. I don't remember any at all with ds1. With ds2 they started in the last 4 weeks or so. With dd they were much earlier and sometimes strong enough to be mistaken for actual labour.

ShowOfHands · 30/08/2006 09:27

There have been a few threads on this and I think it's fairly common. My best friend had bh from 24wks in her third pregnancy and they were considerably more painful that in her previous pregnancies. Sore enough to take her breath away and make her stop what she was doing.

If you're concerned though call your midwife just for some reassurance.

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