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Any midwives about?? Or anyone who has had more than 1 VBAC after C Section??

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anniediv · 25/08/2006 14:28

I have had 1 'normal' delivery, 1 c-section, then another 'normal' delivery. I am now expecting no 4 and am wondering if I will still have to be monitored throughout labour because of my scar etc? I am leaning towards a home birth. I had absolutely no probs with the vbac so wonder if it has 'cancelled out' the previous c section? All help/advice/other experiences gratefully received.

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cerys · 25/08/2006 14:33

i had an emergency c-section, then 2 VBACs. The 1st VBAC was very quick but I was monitored and therefore lying down on a bed. The second labour was longer but I stayed away from hospital for ages, went for a walk, then went into be monitored. They said I could go home again so I did for a few more hours, then went back in. The last bit of labour I did find myself on a bed being monitored, so that wasn't ideal. I was told I could try for a homebirth, so perhaps once you have had one VBAC they are more likely to let you have one?

good luck and hope you get what you want.

anniediv · 25/08/2006 14:36

Thank you cerys (dd1's middle name btw!). with dd3 i was told to go in asap to be properly monitored because of the c section etc. When I got there, they didn't put the monitor on me once, did 2 internals, told me I wasn't in active labour, gave me a sleeping tablet, then 3 hours later she was born. !!! Which is why I'm thinking of staying at home!

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