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Bleefing at 39 weeks?

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prekky · 24/08/2006 20:12

Can anyone help me, I am nearly 39 weeks pregnant, having slight period pains and tightening but have just noticed that I am bleeding it is only slight. Sorry for detail but have had sex with partner tonight first time in a few weeks could this be from this can anyone help? x x

OP posts:
Alibaldi · 24/08/2006 20:13

At 39 weeks could be a show!!! Keep an eye on your pains/tightening. Oh and by the way sex is known to start things off for some people . Sadly didn't work for me on either occasion. If in doubt, always always ring your MW/Labour ward. Good luck with the baby by the way.

Olihan · 24/08/2006 20:14

Could be a reaction to sex, it can sometimes irritate the cervix and cause a tiny bit of bleeding. It could also be the start of can have that effect at this point in pregnancy .

mimi1uk · 24/08/2006 20:14

could be a show! just keep ur eye on it if gets any heavier call hospital maternity unit to get advice xx

CountTo10 · 24/08/2006 20:15

It is possible - you can have a show as the 'mucus plug' comes away as you get ready for labour so it might be that you've just upset that a bit. Does sound like you're body is maybe limbering up and getting ready for labour. If you're worried, ring your labour ward and have a chat with your midwife other than that book an appt with the doc if you haven't got one coming up.

prekky · 24/08/2006 21:15

hi am slightly worried think waters may just have gone. It wasn't a big amount but just started trickling down my leg, its still doing it now, does this sound like waters breaking?

OP posts:
UCM · 24/08/2006 21:22

OOOOOOOohhhh, sorry no advice, but how exciting! Am hoping to have a natural birth this time so will follow with interest.

CountTo10 · 24/08/2006 21:24

Yes it does - it isn't always a gush. I would defo get on the phone to your labour ward!!! And time any tightenings you're getting!!! Ooo will be looking out for announcements - hope all goes well

magnolia1 · 24/08/2006 21:24

Sounds like the forewaters breaking usually a trickle and hind waters more of a gush, Exciting though. Definately a baby on the way me thinks. Good luck hun xxxx You having it at home or hospital?

Olihan · 24/08/2006 21:25

Put one of those big fat maternity pads in and see what happens. Waters smell over so slightly of almond and are like very very pale coloured wee. If they are brown or green, phone your midwife unit asap. Keep us posted.

petunia · 24/08/2006 21:27

Sounds like it to me! With DD3 back in April, I had the same with the waters. It started the Monday evening. I was examined at the hospital 3 times over the next few days, and the nurses kept saying it was wee. I had a show on the Wednesday morning and DD arrived 6.14 the following morning. One thing though, if it is your waters, the hospital will want you to deliver within a time frame (I think it was 24 hours) because of the risk of infection.

mimi1uk · 24/08/2006 21:27

oh things are getting going how excieting

mimi1uk · 24/08/2006 21:27

oh things are getting going how excieting

LIZS · 24/08/2006 21:28

Could be a show and/or waters, but you could phone the labour ward midwives if you're concerned. They will ask you some questions and give you some idea of what other things to watch for and might ask you to come in either now or in the morning, or send a community mw around to check you over. Doesn't sound like a reason to panic though, good luck.

mears · 24/08/2006 21:30

No need to panic - could be labour. Give the hospital a ring to let them know and they will advise you when to come in.

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