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Tiddler · 24/08/2006 15:28

Hi guys, im 37wks pregnant and was just wondering if this nesting thing goes on for long?? and if you did have it how soon after tidying everything in sight did you give birth, as it's driving me crazy... the dog's next in line Thanks. x

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Discomonkfish · 24/08/2006 15:35

For gods sake don't watch Anthea Turners perfect housewife programme then. I'm 32 wks and she's pushed me over the edge, can't stop cleaning!

Tiddler · 24/08/2006 15:43

No glad to say don't have a telly!! Its crazy isn't it, ive done bits and pieces up until now, but today is madness.. can't stop, my back's killing along with everything else, but yet i still carry on.... ???

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tassis · 24/08/2006 15:49

i'm 36 weeks today and nexting massively this week...

think it went on a for good few weeks last time...

Discomonkfish · 24/08/2006 15:55

Know how you feel this your first? If so try and resist the urge...I know people say rest up before the baby comes because of sleep deprivation but it really is worth it...I'm definitely trying to take it easy with this pregnancy...

Tiddler · 24/08/2006 17:27

Ya it's my first.. It's madness, not as if the house needs cleaning!! only did it the other day, oh well if it's the norm then so be it.. just wish the little monkey would knuckle down now and make an apprearance.. wishfull thinking for us all i would imagine!! x

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foxtrot · 24/08/2006 18:40

I got the nesting urge when I was 38 weeks and decided i must assemble some ikea flat pack drawers and bedside tables for our room before the baby arrived. Finished at midnight, waters broke at 3am, baby arrived 8.30am! Strangely enough next time round i assembled some shelving units, and my DD had arrived by 10am the next day. Oh, maybe i've stumbled on a new way to hurry things along, never mind sex and curry, get on down to ikea!!

Tiddler · 24/08/2006 19:17

Like it foxtrot!! what a great idea pop to ikea instead.. God i really wish this little one would hurry up.. felt awful from day one

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tassis · 24/08/2006 20:30

Hey Tiddler, why not come and join us on the "Due in Sept" thread?? We're a pretty friendly bunch and all counting down together and sharing every twinge...

Tiddler · 24/08/2006 21:46

Hey tassis ya will do.. um where's that?? sorry bit new to this.. thanks. x

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eidsvold · 25/08/2006 06:11

no idea - never got it much to dh's disgust.....

ghosty · 25/08/2006 06:41

Nope - not a nesting bone in my body either ... I wanted it to come and was a tad disappointed when it never happened.
I did go a bit maternal and fluffy for an hour or so when DD was a couple of days old but that was it

tassis · 25/08/2006 10:06

Tiddler - click on "by topic" blue writing at the top of this page and then all the topics on MN will appear. Click on "Antenatal clubs" and our thread is called "Due in Sept - not long now ladies" or something like that. There were 2 newbies in the past 24 hours so it's not like we've all known each other for the past 8 months or anything!

Let me know if you can't find us and I'll get someone more clever than me to post you a link!

Tiddler · 25/08/2006 12:03

Got that tassis.. thanks. x

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