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Raised blood pressure - any advice or experience?

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mazzystar · 24/08/2006 12:39

I usually have very low blood pressure, but went to docs today after series of awful awful headaches. BP was 128/81, apparently the BP of "a healthy 20-year-old" (I'm 36) but through the roof for me, its usually @ 90/55.

I'm @17 weeks pregnant. Any tips on keeping it in check?

OP posts:
emmawill · 24/08/2006 12:51

I only had raised blood in my last weeks so I can't really help but I can bump up this thread and hopefully someone else will be able to give you some advice.

Best of luck with everything

mazzystar · 24/08/2006 17:34

thanks emmawill

any advice on raised BP at all would be helpful......TIA

OP posts:
Elibean · 24/08/2006 18:24

mazzy, I had raised (for me) bp at the end of my first trimester with dd and this pregnancy, and again at the end - I did need meds postpartum with dd, and may well do again this time. For me, its dropped in the second both times - so I can't relate 100%, but I do understand how worrying and frustrating it can be.
Moderate, appropriate exercise (walking, swimming) if you find it relaxing in particular might help. Not eating too much salt might help. Getting enough rest and sleep might well help, and anything that can lower stress levels too.
Are the doctors going to keep an eye on it for you? It might have been a one-off high spike (bp does vary a lot through the day, and if you were in pain with headaches that wouldn't help) but sounds important to keep an eye on it.

MissGolightly · 24/08/2006 23:18

Hi Mazzy, I had raised bp during most of my pregnancy and ended up on medication for it in the last trimester - it was worrying but I had a healthy boy after a normal delivery so it all turned out fine, and my bp went back to normal after delivery.

The good news is that at 17 weeks it is highly unlikely to be pre-eclampsia, which can be very dangerous. Tips for keeping it in check - basically there's not a lot you can do apart from try to stay calm and rest up. But as Elibean says it might well be a one-off spike, BP can vary due to loads of stuff - hurrying to the appointment, coffee beforehand, even something as small as crossing your legs or having a full bladder can increase the reading.

I bought a home blood pressure monitor during my pregnancy and it helped reassure me that the medication was working and also gave me a better understanding of what causes my bp to go up and down.

Sorry for the long post - good luck and I hope everything works out well. Make sure they check you regularly and if you're worried at any time ask for more regular appointments or a referral to a consultant. Most importantly try not to worry and to enjoy your pregnancy!

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