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Birthing/Gym balls - are they worth having in pregnancy?

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HopingCat · 22/08/2006 12:36

I've heard people talk about birthing balls. What are they recommended for? Is it for labour or in pregnancy as well? And would you advise getting one?

I'm 29 weeks pregnant now with first baby so am learning as much as I can from mumsnetters.

OP posts:
Charleesunnysunsun · 22/08/2006 12:39

I have one Hopingcat and TBH i never actually used it during my last pg or labour, but then again i know alot of ladies who have had an all natural birth and have used it to speed up labour.
I think it can also help to sit on one during later pg for comfort and to move baby into a good position as sitting on it spreads the pelvis out.

FoghornLeghorn · 22/08/2006 12:40

I will be getting on of these Hopingcat. i didn't use one last time but a friend of mine used one for her first labour back in April and she sailed through it, definitely worth giving it a try.
Although i will prob just use DH's swiss ball, should do the same job eh ?

PigeonPie · 22/08/2006 12:45

I used one and found it one of the most comfortable things to sit on towards the end. It also helps with the positioning of the baby. I got mine from Argos for something like £6 and it was worth getting it just for the humour factor of getting DH to blow it up (he did use a footpump though!)

foxtrot · 22/08/2006 13:37

They're brilliant for labour, ask whether your maternity unit have them. My midwife suggested it - I sat and rolled around on one during my 2nd and 3rd labours (whilst hoovering up the gas & air!) and both were pretty quick. You can be mobile during labour but without having to stand up, great if you are tired.

nailpolish · 22/08/2006 13:40

i had one and it was absolutely brilliant

i was unable to sit, lie or stand still for more than 2 seconds, i was walking around, pacing around for hours and hours, i got very tired and the mw was worried i was becoming too tired, considering i was meant to conserve some energy for the pushing stages

she brought in the ball thing and i just sat and bounced bounced bounced for ages, keeping moving was really helping my pains, but this meant i wasnt actually on my feet


dyzzidi · 22/08/2006 13:40

Someone lent me one of these when I was PG but i could never use it. My balance was so bad I kept falling off the stupid thing. Please bear in mind htouhg that falling over was a regular thing for me whilst pregnant my centre of balance was so badly affected.

I also has a C Section so don't know if it was any good during labour

QueenEagle · 22/08/2006 13:41

I had one for my 5th labour - had never heard of them before. I really wish I had though - it was fab! It really helped with me rocking myself to help with the pain and I swear it speeded things up. I noticed one in the bathroom when I went for a wee and the mw said I could use it.

BettySpaghetti · 22/08/2006 13:43

I had one during my second pregnancy -it was great for sitting on as I had SPD and it was the only way I could get comfortable. However we completely to take it to hospital with us so can't comment on usefulness during labour.

Oh, and DD who was 4 at the time loved playing with it.

divastrop · 22/08/2006 20:58

i was induced with all mine but ds and dd2 took 3 days each to get going.i used the ball as much as i could with dd2 it was brilliant as my back really hurt.i used it for as long as i could b4 they had to give me the syntocin drip and it defo helped the labour along

MrsTittleMouse · 22/08/2006 23:28

I've just spent the best part of this evening draped over mine! I usually don't sit on it, but use it to get into a comfortable forward leaning position.
It helps the backache that I'm getting: I'm 32+1 and back-to-back.

bubbaloo · 23/08/2006 07:29

I was 10 days overdue with Ds and after trying virtually everything to avoid being induced I bought a gym ball.I spent the whole night bouncing on it in front of the pc,and in the morning my waters brooke.I also used one throughout the labour and found it very comfortable,although I'm not sure if it speeded things up too much,as it was a long labour.Will definately be trying the same again if this one is overdue.

jowen · 23/08/2006 08:09

Am I the only person who hated the bloody thing? I found it wracked me with pain - much preferred to have my hips swinging free. This was mid-labour though.

Mum2FunkyDude · 23/08/2006 08:21

Only used it to sit on in late pregnancy and to strengthen my lower abdominals. Other than that, didn't use it at all during labour (some hospitals have their own)

kittywits · 23/08/2006 08:34

birth balls did nothing for me, couldn't se what the fuss was all about !

Flamesparrow · 23/08/2006 08:40

I loved it - sat on it playing the xbox when I had insomnia and heartburn.

Only used it a little bit for actual labour.

cacaboo · 23/08/2006 09:14

Tried it very briefly in labour - ouch ouch ouch.

However I remember than gentle bouncing on it with newborn DS in my arms seemed to calm and soothe him nicely! Less tiring than lots of walking around and rocking.

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