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How early did you feel your second baby move?

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Jaysecond · 21/08/2006 19:20

I swear i felt him/her move yesterday......but i cant have i am only 11 weeks! Maybe it was a bit of wind, felt JUST the same as when i first felt DD the first time.....strange!

OP posts:
Toothyboy · 21/08/2006 19:32

It could well be! I swear I felt ds2 move at 10 weeks - well felt a flutter anyway! Be warned though, I didn't feel anything else for a while afterwards, but by the last trimester he did not stop!! He is now 6 months and has always been a fidgeter - he can roll across the room in seconds!

Also, although he is tiny, every single person that comes into contact with him (medical and otherwise!) comments on how strong he is - especially his legs! So I am now convinced he did start moving at 10 weeks pg!! .

Anyway enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

julezboo · 21/08/2006 19:34

I swear im feeling flutters now at 14 weeks... could just be wind though! lol

Gwu · 21/08/2006 19:49

I thought I felt something at 14 weeks. I'm 16 weeks now. It happens now and again, usually when I'm lying still, on my left side and after a meal. I can't believe it's baby either. I'm not even showing yet.

Jaysecond · 21/08/2006 19:50

it just happened again... was telling DH the nature of my post, and bam... i just felt it........ maybe you feel twins more at an early stage!!!!!!

OP posts:
divastrop · 21/08/2006 19:55

i felt ds1 move at 11 weeks,though the m/w told me it was impossible,i know for sure having had 3 more since that what i felt was him moving.i felt dd1 at 15wks and ds2 at 13/14 wks,and dd2 at 16 wks.strangely both boys were faster developers physically than the girls,dd2 now being 8 1/2 months has only just learned to roll over!
so it could well have been him/her moving,especially as u know what to expect this

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