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Yoga Classes in Teddington/Twickenham

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madhide · 18/08/2006 11:44

I have a couple of pg friends looking for a pregnancy yoga class in teddington/twickenham or surrounding area does anyone have any recommendations?

OP posts:
Tutter · 18/08/2006 11:49

hi. i did pregnancy classes with louise cashin of yoga-yoga - they were great and def helped with labour (well, the early stages anyway). my classes were in kew, but i think she also runs some in st margarets.

let me if i can find her website...

Tutter · 18/08/2006 11:51

i tell a lie - her other classes are in fact in teddington, so ideal for your friends.

see here

madhide · 18/08/2006 18:04

Thanks Tutter great to have a recommendation I will pass on the details

OP posts:
dawney · 08/06/2009 13:56

I attended a pregnancy class with Natalie in Teddington but now I hear she is at Earthlife, Kew.
Her class is fab - her tips on positions and breathing definitely helped me during labour. She gives a realistic approach to pregnancy and labour, plus she presents it all in a light hearted manner.
I know she also does private classes at your home if you want her to.
I don't have her number but I am having coffee with one of the other mums who attended the class who I know has it. I'll pass it on soon.


BusySuperMum · 21/10/2010 20:02


I have been attending a great class in Twickenham, I think she is now running classes in Richmond? worth having a look at her website:-

She is a Doula (birth partner) as well.

Deedes1 · 10/11/2010 16:57

"Just to say I went to my first class last week - just lovely. Candlelit relaxation, a really delicious rose and lavender tea at the end. Very relaxing and wow - she really knows her stuff! "

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