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Bleeding after an internal scan

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Nicki10 · 15/08/2006 15:49

I had an internal scan yesterday because I had some dark spotting over the weekend and they thought it might be an ectopic pregnancy. The scan showed that it was not but today I have had some more of this dark blood and it has been more than it was over the weekend.

Is this normal after an internal scan or do you think this could be the start of a m/c?

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shhhh · 15/08/2006 15:56

I would speak to the scan unti or your mw. I was always told that a scan couldn't cause bleeding (even internal) and if bleeding did happen it was becuase it was always going to happen iykwim.

You have positive news that the pregnancy seems viable atm but I would still speak for far gone are you..? Are you able to have another scan maybe external.? I presume you are only 6 ish weeks due to the internal scan..?

Keep positive. xx

morocco · 15/08/2006 15:56

what did the scan show? was it too early for a heartbeat?
I always seem to get cramps after scans and with ds2 I also had bleeding - I don't know if it was connected as such though.
plenty of women on here who had bleeding and now have bouncing babies so it's not necessarily a m/c.

Nicki10 · 15/08/2006 16:01

I am 6,6 but they couldn't find a heat beat and all we saw was a black sac they couldn't even tell if it was a viable pregnancy .

Isn't that a horrible term a viable pregnancy! Thats my baby they're talking about.

TBH the woman who carried out the scan was horrible she barely tried to find anything externally and didn't explain anything about the internal scan at all. She didn't speak to us at all while the scan was going on so it was a good job that me and DP were clued up on what to look for. When she first did the external scan the first thing she said was "that doesn't look like a pregnant uterus to me"!

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Nicki10 · 15/08/2006 16:01


So of course we both freaked! A very nasty person!

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shhhh · 15/08/2006 16:08

nicki10 thats awful.

TBH we experienced mc's and when expecting dd we went private. I know not everyone can afford to but ime you seem to get treated much better..suppose they have to when you are paying. But that shouldn't be the case. We to had really bad experiences with both mc's from the nhs and thats why we were all for going private with dd.

Our private consultant did then see us on the NHS and the treatment was 100% better, tbh we couldn't fault them. It's sad but I feel that becuase they deal with pregnancies and mc's day in day out I feel they become a bit detached to the whole thing. I suppose it makes it easier for them to do their job iykwim.

I agree "Viable" is an awful word to use and I didn't mean it in a bad way..I too felt with same with my mc's. They were my babies NOT a foetus or embryo etc. .

What did they tell you to do next due to them not seeing a hb.? Are you due to go back..?? It may to early as well to see a hb but all this should be explained to you..

jabberwocky · 15/08/2006 16:10

I've had two internal scans with this pg and no bleeding either time. I would give your midwife a call.

Nicki10 · 15/08/2006 16:11

Yeah we are having another scan, they wanted to do it in 2 weeks but the nurse is going on holiday so the unit is closing! Can you beleive that! So at the moment I have another scan booked for Sept 4th. By then I will be over 9 weeks pregnant so I will know one way or the toher but it's a long time off.

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jabberwocky · 15/08/2006 16:13

Poor you! Waiting is the worst thing. Try to keep your mind involved elsewhere - but that's much easier said than done, isn't it

MerlinsBeard · 15/08/2006 16:14

sometimes it is hard to find a heart beat at 6 weeks and sometimes all that they can see at that stage is a sac esp if you aren't exactly on for your dates. (eg, your not as far gone as you think you are)

There are lots of MNetters who have had bleeding right through their pregnancies and have now got lovely bouncy babies. So, its not always a sign of m/c.

If you are worried at all, you should your epu back. Imagine that you haven't even booked in with mw yet have you?

I had a horrible sonographer for my 3 internal scans and the mw's i spoke to after the scan were even worse. sorry that you are going through this xx

Nicki10 · 15/08/2006 17:46

No I haven't had my MW appointment through yet so I can't ring them. As it was an emergency I went to a hospital near family we were visiting and now I'm back home in London I can't ring the EPU as they won't know what I'm talking about!

At the moment the bleeding has stopped I just have an incredible amount of fluid instead?

Thank you all for you kind words and support it means a lot.

OP posts:
bobblehead · 15/08/2006 17:49

Sorry you are going through this Nicki, hope everything is ok for you.
Must be a good sign the bleeding has stopped though.

rahrah1 · 15/08/2006 18:45

Nicki, you need to insist on seeing someone. Go and see your doctor and ask for some reassurance. It is really bad that they have not been very nice. I had a scan at 6 weeks, although they saw a heartbeat... they did not give me any other information, as I had just had a laparosapy whist PG(due to fertility issues - they did not realise I was PG). It seems the NHS will not give you any answers or take risks these days in fear of legal actions. I think they find it easier to just not say anything - however this does not help us!! I am sure everything will be fine... but good to hear this from a medical person...Hope they sort themselves out and you have better experiences going forward....

Daisypops · 15/08/2006 22:03

I would ring your doctor and insist on seeing someone it will put your mind at rest. Not worrying is easier said than done. When I bled at 10 weeks the doctors said it was really common. Someone always bleed when doctors 'poke about.' I know I do! Do you have any pain?

Daisypops · 15/08/2006 22:04

Last post was meant to say 'some women always bleed when doctors poke about' sorry!

Nicki10 · 16/08/2006 07:52

No I don't have any pain at the moment either and it has now been 18 hours since I last bled. I am thinkiing that aybe it was either that daisypops that I bled a little from all the poking or it might have been the end of an implantation bleed.

OP posts:
Nicki10 · 16/08/2006 08:00

Thanks Rahrah I'm sorry your also having a bad time of it, how is your bleeding now? has it slowed down?

OP posts:
lummox · 16/08/2006 08:40

If you are in London and can afford it (I think it's about £100) you can go to the Fetal Medicine Center in Harley Street for a scan. You don't need to be referred by your GP - just ring them up and book a scan. They sometimes have appointments at very short notice - I got one for the next day during my first pregnancy.

shhhh · 16/08/2006 09:02

I agree with lummox, the way dh & I saw it is that £x is worth paying to see baba and to get reasurrance.

If you google you should be able t find a scan place local to you if the one lummox suggested isn't local.

Your local epu should have no problems seeing you. Just because you have been elsewhere won't be an issue. Just exlain the situation about the scan and that there has been bleeding since and INSIST on being scanned.

How's things today..? BTW you must rest. 100% rest. xx

shhhh · 16/08/2006 09:04

btw prices for scans vary. We could get one in Manchester centre for £110 BUT we had been to a local private hospital when expecting dd and due to appointments available we went back to the private hospital. At a cost of £260!! . With dd (2 years prior) it was only £180 with a consultant..!

Worth it though 10000000%

Nicki10 · 16/08/2006 09:39

Thanks Lummox and ssssh I agree with you and we have already booked a private nuchal scan for 11 weeks. The thing with having another one this week is that I had one on Monday and thy didn't see a heartbeat so I think I might just see the same thing again. I think it would probably be better to book one for next week as tomorrow I'll be 7 weeks and by next week nearly 8 there should defineatly be a heartbeat.

Harley street is easy enough for me and I have been there before so I know how good they are.

OP posts:
Nicki10 · 16/08/2006 09:40

Oop Shhh!

OP posts:
Nicki10 · 16/08/2006 12:14

I've just been to my doctor and have a scan now but since walking to the the doctors there has been more blood so it's not looking good

OP posts:
Nicki10 · 16/08/2006 14:13

Just to update I have been for a scan with a lovely lady who could see the baby with a normal external scan so the babys actually grown .

She thinks the blood and cramping is nothing to worry about as it's not thick clots of blood. There was still no heartbeat but she thinks my dates might be slightly out so unless there are any other problems I will see her on the 4th Sept.

OP posts:
shhhh · 16/08/2006 15:29

Glad you are smiling . Glad you got a scan earlier as I know you wanted to leave it a while longer etc I personally would have gone anyway but I'm impatient..!!

We were so worried about mc dd that we were scanned every 2 weeks from 6 weeks. Only 2 were private and that time the nhs were brill. You need to take things easy as I said before and relax. Fingers crossed all continues well. xx

Nicki10 · 16/08/2006 15:34

I agree Shhh it's amazing how reassuring it is to see your baby there on the screen. We got photos this time as well so DP has taken one to work with him and I have the other in my handbag just so I can keep checkig!

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