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Urgent - sudden onset of abdom pain & nausea at 35 wks

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Lesley76 · 12/03/2004 20:29

Please help! I'm 35 weeks preg with first baby. Have had really good preg so far except for constant nausea from 4-14 wks. Today have sudden onset of abdominal pain and extreme nausea for last 10 hours. Phoned hospital for advice - MW said it was probably a tummy bug. However have had no diarrhoe (sp?) or vomiting. Pain is constant,not getting worse or better, no cramping, no bleeding, baby still moving a lot. But I'm still really worried. Any ideas anyone?

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secur · 12/03/2004 20:41

Message withdrawn

secur · 12/03/2004 20:49

Message withdrawn

suedonim · 12/03/2004 21:03

If it were me, I think I'd want to have it checked out, just in case. Can you call the MW again? Hope everything goes okay.

nutcracker · 12/03/2004 21:14

Have to say, i would get it checked out. I had a similar problem at 28 weeks. I ended up going to hospital by ambulance as i was in so much pain and community midwife thought i may be going into labour. I was given every possible check but they couldn't find anything wrong. I was discharged the next day.
I felt a bit of an idiot but the midwives said that they would have rather had me ther where they could see what was going on.

Lesley76 · 12/03/2004 21:15

Am not worried that its labour - i assume if it is it will get worse or stop but baby will be fine. Also pain is not bad enough ie its enough to make me lie down and groan and stagger to the loo but not enough to make me scream (which i assume happens with contractions?)

I AM worried it is something else sinister that will put the baby at risk . Does this make sense?

OP posts:
Jodiesmum · 12/03/2004 21:46

Yes I can understand why you're worried. If it's not easing up at all, I would go to hospital now to get checked out - regardless of what the MW said on the phone. NOt wanting to scare you but I wish I had gone to hospital much sooner before DD2's birth at 31 wks as I think they would have been able to stop it happening.

CountessDracula · 12/03/2004 21:47

Could it be constipation? I had it at about the same time as this and was convinced I was in labour!

Blu · 12/03/2004 21:48

Is it on your left side (have I got that right?), and if you press it does it hurt more as you release the 'press', IYSWIM. If it is, it could be appendicitis. Have you got a temperature? (If it is, the baby is not at risk - there was someone in our NCT group who had appendicitis in late pregnancy). I think you should get it checked out if it isn't improving.

Blu · 12/03/2004 21:49

hey, Jodiesmum, where've you been?

Blu · 12/03/2004 21:51

And Lesley - contractions never made me feel as if I needed to scream, but they do build and recede.

suedonim · 12/03/2004 21:58

Right hand side for appendix, Blu.

If you've still got the pain, Lesley, it really would be worth seeing someone. There is a rare condition with the placenta, (placenta abruptio) that causes pain, though I think you usually have bleeding as well. Please see your MW otherwise all us Mumsnetters are going to be worrying all night!

Jodiesmum · 12/03/2004 21:59

Hi Blu, sorry for temporary disappearance. The last few months have been horrendous - baby constantly ill - so I've stopped doing just about everything including Mumsnet. Just starting to surface again now. Will you be in Dulwich park again sometime soon? We'll probably be there tomorrow morning if it's not raining too much...

Blu · 12/03/2004 22:22

JM - oh no, poor you. Working tomorrow a.m...but would love to hook up sometime..
sorry everyone else...chatting at the back.Lesley, GET IT CHECKED.

Levanna · 12/03/2004 22:26

Hi Lesley, maybe it would be best to get checked out? Hopefully it is just a bug (highly likely, there's all sorts about at the moment!) But, even if it isn't directly related to baby, and is something such as appedicitis, you would need to be seen to have it sorted out, IMHO. Hope you feel better soon.

Lesley76 · 12/03/2004 22:30

Thank you everyone for the advice. Have packed a bag and was just about to phone hospital again when i started being violently sick. Pain & nausea now much reduced so turns out MW was probably right after all!!!

If it returns i will definitely follow your advice and go to the hospital.Baby is transverse so not much point staying at home if it REALLY is labour.............

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