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Pressure on c-section scar

3 replies

mower · 12/08/2006 19:25

Am 28 weeks pregnant and over the past week have been feeling very tight and pressure around c section scar.

Got pregnant again only three months after having emergency c-section for ds so there has not been a big gap for time to heal.

Am really scared of if scar will hold out till 40 weeks, sure it will as consultant didn't say anything.

Anyone had any similar experiences?

OP posts:
cori · 12/08/2006 19:51

I remember having pressure around my scar as well. Though I there was three years between pregnancies. Consultant said she had never heard of a scar rupturing before labour.

Highlander · 13/08/2006 11:27

I've not had any probs at all. I guess it depends what position the baby is in? Mine is mostly transverse.

carrotcake · 20/08/2006 09:15

I'm 20 weeks and I've just started feeling a tight pressure around the section scar. There is a five year gap between this and my last pregnancy and I guess any scar tissue will ache a bit when stretched? Am going to ask midwife at the the next clinic but I think rupture in labour is rare after one op, have never heard of rupture in pregnancy either. I'm still planning to attempt a vbac. Have you asked your doctor or midwife about it yet?

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