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first movements 2nd time around???

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titchy77 · 11/08/2006 15:38

I'm 13weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and was just curious what stage of pregnancy i might feel my baby move???

OP posts:
elliepippamummy · 11/08/2006 15:41

I'm also pg with no 2 had flutters from 15weeks (am now 17+4) and getting them more regaulary although not every day, lots of people on due in jan thread havent felt movements yet so dont panic if you get to 18/19 weeks and havent felt anything!!

emzickle · 11/08/2006 15:44

I felt my first baby at 16 weeks - thought it was just me getting a bad case of the farts... never mind

binbon2 · 11/08/2006 15:58

I was wondering if I would feel baby moving earlier this time than with my DS. But in the end I felt both for the first time at 18-19 weeks.

Gem13 · 11/08/2006 16:11

I didn't feel either of my first 2 until the day before my 20 week scan - both of them!

This time I've felt them since 15 weeks and now - 20 weeks - they are strong enough that DH can feel them too with his hand on my stomach!

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