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Rhesus Negative - Do I need an injection this time around

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Dorasmum · 09/08/2006 14:34

Hello all, I am new to this forum, I have just found out that I am pregnant with No. 2 - 6.5 weeks.

My question, if you can help, I am rhesus neg - I did not need injections following my daughter's birth as she is the same. Do I need an injection now that I know that I am carrying again? I don't want to miscarry because I missed getting it?


OP posts:
Charlee · 09/08/2006 14:40

Yes you do, you will be given one at 28 weeks aswel, i am reshus neg to and that wheat i have been told, i dont know if it varies from area to area though.

beckybrastraps · 09/08/2006 14:42

I am rh neg, as is my dh. Therefore any children we have will be Rh neg and I don't need any anti-D injections. Do you know your husband's blood type?

fisil · 09/08/2006 14:43

Hi, I needed the jab after ds1 was born because he was +ve. When I had ds2 they had changed their policy and I had it before he was even born, whether he was or not.

Dorasmum · 09/08/2006 14:45

No, not sure of his blood type - do know that it is not the same as mine though. Think he is one of the quite common ones.
Thanks for response

OP posts:
Seona1973 · 09/08/2006 14:51

it depends on where you live as to whether you get any anti-d before you give birth. I live in Scotland (South Lanarkshire) and we dont get the injections at 28 and 34 weeks whereas other health authorities do give them. I will just get one if I have a bleed or a fall and then after the birth if the babies blood type is positive. I got the injection after the birth the last time as dd must have been rhesus positive.

If it is not your health authorities policy to give the anti-d before the birth your bloods will be tested a couple of times to see if you have any antibodies building up and will get anti-d if required.

beckybrastraps · 09/08/2006 14:57

His ABO type doesn't matter, just whether it's rh neg or not.

shhhh · 09/08/2006 15:22

I am also reh neg. I saw my mw at my scan appointment at 12 weeks and was told I need to come back at 28 & 34 weeks as they are now offering antid jabs during pregnancy routinly instead of following the birth or following any bleed during the pregnancy. Research has shown that if a woman did have a bleed during the pregnancy then if she was vaccinated with antid prior to this then it makes it safer iykwim.

I wouldn't worry now but would discuss it with your mw following your scan.

BTW as charlee said, this may be regional. I'm northwest.

shhhh · 09/08/2006 15:25

btw I did have it following dd's birth. No idea her blood group and neither does my mw know {shock] but records show her being + so opposite to mine.

Also the anti d jabs being given are optional here. They recommend it but make you aware that it's from the usa and is a human product.

BROWNY · 09/08/2006 15:27

I've just posted on the other thread, if you are having the jabs ask for them in your thigh, not your upper arm where it stings like hell!

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