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what week did you first see midwife?

20 replies

Boosta · 31/07/2006 19:42

just wondering how many weeks pregnant you were when you first had an appointment with your midwife?

OP posts:
ChaCha · 31/07/2006 19:44

With DS (last year) I had my booking appt at around 10 weeks.

I have my first appt with her this year at 12 weeks. HTH

Gillian76 · 31/07/2006 19:44

Booking appointment round about 8 weeks, I think. Then it depends on whether it's your first or subsequent baby how often you see the midwife.

Charlee · 31/07/2006 19:45

10 weeks both times for my booking in appointment

intergalacticwalrus · 31/07/2006 19:45

12 weeks both times, and she rang me to make an appointment, and did the booking in my home. In my experience, ante natal car varies from Health Authority to Health authority. If you are unsure, ring your GP surgery and they can get a mw to call you (I did this, and she rang back almost immediately, and answered any qs I had)

TheBlonde · 31/07/2006 19:45

14 weeks
Had the nuchal scan before I saw a MW

MrsJohnCusack · 31/07/2006 19:46

booking appointment at 12 weeks this time (was 15 last time as they 'lost' me)

then not again until about 22/24 weeks or something (so not ever in my case this time as will be moving countries before then)

it seems to vary wildly depending on location though. I had shared care with GP so didn't seea midwide that much until the 3rd trimester really. would be even less this time

LaDiDaDi · 31/07/2006 19:58

I think it was about 9 weeks for the booking visit. I didn't like her then and I still didn't like her many, many weeks later

HRHQueenOfQuotes · 31/07/2006 20:00

with DS1 it was 21 weeks (she was shocked I'd waited so long when I knew I was pg right from the start) - but then I'd been living abroad and antenatal care like we get in the UK was a luxury only for the wealthy (which we certainly weren't LOL).

DS2 it was about 8 weeks I think.

nicnack2 · 31/07/2006 20:06

8 weeks for booking in though it varies around the country

TuttiFrutti · 31/07/2006 20:07

I've been told not to make the booking in appointment till after the 12 week nuchal fold scan. I'm 11 weeks now and haven't seen a midwife yet - have seen my GP twice but he just chatted and didn't do any tests/blood pressure, etc.

evenhope · 03/08/2006 20:53

Those of you who have had the nuchal before seeing the midwife, how did you book the scan?

I am currently 7 weeks pg after 2 missed m/c. To cut a long story short I really don't want to waste an hour booking-in with the mw (who I didn't particularly like) and going through 20 years of gynae history only to m/c a couple of weeks later, as I did this time last year. OTOH I need a nuchal scan as I am 43. I saw the GP last year who just referred me straight to mw as that is the new procedure.. Can you book your own scan?

SpaceCadet · 03/08/2006 20:58

dd1 was seen at 6 weeks but that was 16 years ago!
ds1 8 weeks.
ds2 8 weeks.
dd2 10 weeks.

SpaceCadet · 03/08/2006 20:59

evenhope, when you visit your gp to inform him of your pregnancy, he should fill out and send off the scan request, however you can chase it up yourself by ringing the ultrasound department of your chosen hospital

compo · 03/08/2006 21:00

I had a booking in appointment at home at about 8 weeks.

compo · 03/08/2006 21:01

ps. with ds the gp booked me in the scan and the hospital sent me a letter telling me when it was.
This time the gp just referred me to midwife who boked scan and again got letter from hospital

merrily · 03/08/2006 21:14

I informed the GP I was pregnant at 5 weeks, filled in relevant forms etc, went off and booked my own nuchal fold scan privately (not generally offered on the NHS round here) - and finally saw the midwife at 17 weeks. I started chasing up at 11 weeks cos I was concerned I didn't have an appointment. She finally phoned me at 15 weeks to ask me to come in the next day - was shocked when I said I couldn't because I was away at a conference! Had the cheek to write "Late Booker" on my notes, as if it was my fault. She was completely useless - really should have complained about overall standard of antenatal care but what with recovering from c-section and caring for a newborn I never got round to it...

lemonaid · 03/08/2006 21:22

Went to GP at 7 weeks to tell them I was pg and choose a hospital. Then had nuchal scan appointment through (by post) for 13 weeks and booking appointment with mw through (also by post) for 14 weeks. At the booking appointment we made a 24-week appointment for my next midwife visit, and around then also got appointment for 21-week scan.

Quootiepie · 03/08/2006 21:29

about 15/16 weeks. All got frigged up and they forgot about me

Nemo1977 · 03/08/2006 21:31

I was booked in at 8 wks with all pregnancies. This pregnancy I cancelled the 8 wk appointment and remade it for 15wks as the early appointment tends to be pointless before the scans.

Toothache · 03/08/2006 21:34

9wks with both. Found out I was pg at 5wks with my 1st and then 5 days BEFORE my AF with my second.... I felt totally abandoned by the time I saw the midwife 6 wks after a +ve test!!!

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