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Dating a pregnancy

11 replies

Dinny · 05/03/2004 08:01

Hi, someone mentioned to me the other day that if I am sure of my conception date I should tell the midwife at booking so as to make edd more accurate. My dd1 was born at 35.5 weeks and officially pre-term but I think she was older - so a few days could make all the difference this time. Anyone done this/know about it? Thanks, Dinny

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twiglett · 05/03/2004 09:05

message withdrawn

Dinny · 05/03/2004 09:39

Thought that might be the case, Twiglett.

Have got it in my head will have another early bird! Probably will be late this time instead.

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udar · 05/03/2004 13:06

Dinny I'm pretty sure of my ovulation date through temperature charting and the same as twiglett, have mentioned it to almost everybody and no-one will even make a note of it in my chart. In my case I'm the opposite to twiglett in that they say 31st March when I think 23rd. You may be lucky and have some medical practitioners who understand and put it down for reference.

pupuce · 05/03/2004 13:11

At the end of the day if you are sure of yourself, it doesn't matter what docs/MW say... "should" you go past 42 weeks according to their dates you can always say that you want a scan (not monitoring) to check the placental activity (which is the BEST way to know if baby is indeed getting very late) and then you can decline an induction if you are happy with the resukts. You can NEVER be forced into an induction.

dinny · 05/03/2004 19:48

Was just reading the Due Sept thread and was going to ask you that very question, Pupuce. You don't have to agree, do you - but suppose you feel pressured into doing it.
I'm actually more worried next baby may again be officially pre-term (and have blood sugars taken/then midwife giving a bottle when they dropped - buggering up my breastfeeding like last time.)

OP posts:
pupuce · 05/03/2004 21:09

Diny - have a home birth or leave hospital ASAP! They can't force you to stay...

Linnet · 05/03/2004 21:30

Dinny, I agree with Twiglett, you can try telling them but they probably won't listen.

I also disagree with the date that the hospital has given me but no matter how often I tell them I was on a longer cycle it makes no difference, they don't make a note of it.

like Udar my dates are before the hospital one. Although this means that I might deliver before the due date that they have given me I might not and it concerns me if I go overdue. But that's not directly linked to your question, sorry.

You could try telling them but be prepared for them just to say oh, ok and not make a note of it.

pupuce · 05/03/2004 21:44

When were your scans? I have recently heard from 2 different obstetricians (from different school of thoughts) that a 12 week scan is very accurate.... nit a 20 week one.

Ailsa · 05/03/2004 23:42

If you're sure about your dates kick up a fuss until they give in, may take a while but keep going. I didn't realise I was pregnant until I was about 15 weeks (have missed periods before), had my scan at 21/22 weeks, which said that I was 2 weeks further on than I said. GP and Community Midwife insisted that we go with the scan dates, the consultant eventually agreed to go with my dates, partly because I knew when my LMP was and my bump was growing according to my dates. The consultant also said that 12weeks scans are very accurate, because until 20weeks all babies grow at exactly the same rate, after that they grow at their own rate.

If I had given in, dd2 would have been induced or cs on their date (due to hyperthyroidism), as it was she arrived 1 day after MY date, and weighed in at only 7lb 7½oz.

pupuce · 06/03/2004 13:07

Dinny - regarding babies being given bottle if you got to a hospital who has (or looking to achieve) UNICEF baby friendly status.... your baby will not be given a bottle unless the peads thinks there is a medical reason! They will not easily give babies formula if you want to BF.

dinny · 06/03/2004 20:18

The paediatrician did give the order for dd1 to have bottle - her blood sugars had dropped. Was at St George's, btw. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Will probably be late this time after worrying I'm going to be early again!

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