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what are the maternity wear essentials?

22 replies

mazzystar · 27/07/2006 14:52

especially for winter?

need to get my wardrobe sorted, economically AND stylishly. had a much smaller bottom last time. and it was summer, so sadly very little of it will be appropriate for a feb baby?

what did you live in?

OP posts:
Moomin · 27/07/2006 14:58

lived and died in stretchy trousers from next. they had a huge waistband that folded down to make a kind of skirt over the trews to hide big thighs for months 5-7 then when got really huge they could be pulled up to cover bump. think they are a copy of some isabella oliver ones. the next ones only cost £16 last year. these are this year's version - the 'turn-top' ones, bottom right. sooooooooo comfy

Moomin · 27/07/2006 14:59

also bought some tunic tops and vest tops which i wore with shrugs.

Tommy · 27/07/2006 15:01

well done for thinking so far ahead mazzy!
I have a couple of boxes full of maternity clothes waiting for me to see how dated they all are.
IIRC though, I think with DS1 (born January)I lived in a JoJo stretchy skirt and a DP's floaty skirt and various tops from H&M.
Also had some really good pull on trousers from Next (good because they do different lengths and I have short legs) - in fact, I wore those for quite a long time after DS2 was boorn as well

mazzystar · 27/07/2006 15:08

what did you do about a winter coat?

OP posts:
Tommy · 27/07/2006 15:12

I wore an fleece of DH's which fortunately fitted round my Mr Greedy-type bump and my pashmina over the top - shabby chic
Not sure I would want to shell out for maternity winter coat but maybe this time I'll have to as I have to wlak to school every day

Moomin · 27/07/2006 15:20

wore a couple of monsoon long woolly cardies or my usual long line coat but with long chunky scarfs to keep middle warm where coats didn't do up. But there again, wasn't preggers for the very coldest months, just autumn.

PsychoFlame · 27/07/2006 15:44

La Redoute have got some lovely stuff for this winter (am all bitter that I didn't have a catalogue last year ).

I spent most of my time in big boots, black maternity cords from H&M, topshop maternity vest tops, and a couple of big cardies.

My coat situation isn't one I'd recommend... involved tops no-one else would wear, and getting cold/wet

LilacWine · 27/07/2006 15:47

bump band! i had two (blue & red) from topshop. £5 each. they were great for wearing my normal tops with in the 2nd trimester and they held up maternity trousers when they were still slightly too big.

mum2oliver · 27/07/2006 22:17

What are these bump bands from top shop please? Are they in the shops now?
Is that what they are actually clled?

LilacWine · 28/07/2006 08:14

they have bump bands on their website (go to 'Shop by' - 'B maternity' - 'extras'). they do various colours in the shops.

oooggs · 28/07/2006 08:21

I had a december baby (was due January) and I wore my waterproof gortex jacket with the waist elastics pulled right out or DH's fleece.

YellowFeathers · 28/07/2006 08:27

La Redoute and H&M are doing the bands as well now.

I also cannot say how brilliant Dot Perks maternity wear is too.

I found out I was pg early Dec but started showing quickly and it was still freezing.
I got a couple of stretchy and longer length tops from Primark which cost all of £6, a pair of dot perks jeans which were £25, I also picked up a non mat long sleeved tunic type top in their sale which was £3!
My other essential was a gorgeous thick chocolate brown woolen poncho from Monsoon, that was my coat.

Have a look at Vertbaudet too. I've been scanning their things and they are lovely this season.

Tommy · 28/07/2006 11:42

would those bands not be very hot though?

YellowFeathers · 28/07/2006 11:44

I bet they will be in this heat. They're only any good for the early days IMO especially if its your second/third baby.

Boosta · 28/07/2006 11:59

yellowfeathers... when you say if it is your 2nd/3rd baby ... is this because you get bigger quicker? i'm just 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, and enormous already. i was starting to get a bit paranoid!

as for clothes... last time round i lived in a pair of under bump jeans from blooming marvelous, and i had 3 good woolly jumpers. underneath them i wore a vest t-shirt.

as for coats, i just got cold. my baby came late December and i just wore a thick long cardigan over woolly jumpers, or a poncho. this time round i'm due in march so will have to suffer more of the winter, so i think i will have to find a better solution.

good websites to look at for clothes are:

laredoute, mamas & papas, jojomamanbebe, blooming marvelous, cravematernity, funmum, formes, isabellaoliver

YellowFeathers · 28/07/2006 12:01

Well I think so.
I blew up straight away.

Boosta · 28/07/2006 12:13

glad to hear i'm not the only one then.

sarahlou1uk · 28/07/2006 21:35

Re bump bands. I've been wearing them throughout my pregnancy but have now stopped due to heat . I got mine from m&s in various colours - only £5 each. Saved me lots of money as I could use my normal tops!

saltcod · 29/07/2006 11:56

Hi all, was wondering where to get the nicest (most comfortable!) maternity underwear from? Last time round I found M&S did some really comfy maternity knickers & maternity thongs - but they don't make them anymore . Is the mothercare range any good, or should I go elsewhere?

peachygirl · 29/07/2006 12:16

Great thread mazzystar I have been also thinking in advance what to get. So far I have bought a couple of elasticated skirts, from M and S I thought they would be good in this weather, especially on holiday but Know they wouldn't last the duration. I also have some elasticated linen trousers from M and S (which at the moment are very comfy
trousers and I think these might last til autumn.I bought a couple of tops in the debenhams sale from the kid dept top
I got the 15-16 age one and it is big, lots of room to grow. I thought it might be good for work. I've also got a pair of Joggers a bigger size up and I bought a wrap cardi the other day (it look like I've bought lots but most have ben sale purchases (except the debenhams top!)
Not sure what I'll do about a coat I might borrow something off my mum or just cope with a cagool!

peachygirl · 29/07/2006 14:10

oh yeah and I've got a pair of short sleeved Button up PJ's from tescos (everyone on here says the wards are very hot) They were £5. I'm really not a nightie girl at all and thought at that price if I have to throw them I won't feel terrible.

redz · 29/07/2006 14:43

Definately go to Top Shop, My best buy were a pair of maternity jeans no one knows there maternity unless I say!(very stylish) Bought them when I was 16 weeks and am now 33weeks and know they will take me right up to my due date. Also a pair of khaki combat type trousers from Hennes not maternity just bought 3 sizes up they are so comfy.

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