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Simple Online Dates Calculator?

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NotQuiteCockney · 16/07/2006 14:43

I need an online tool that will let me know, given that someone is X weeks pregnant on Y date, what their due date is. I don't need it to be terribly accurate, just within a week or so.

I know, this is very lazy of me, but counting wears me out, and I need to do this sort of calculation a few times per week these days.

OP posts:
LadyTamba · 16/07/2006 14:59

something like this?

or this

or this?

hunkermunker · 16/07/2006 15:00

You need one of those SMA-sponsored wheel-type things

Sorry - small formula company rant. They get everywhere, don't you find?

NotQuiteCockney · 16/07/2006 16:49

Which, the rants? Or the formula companies?

I'd rather not have an object as I will just misplace it.

Yeah, Tamba, the second one is the link I'd found earlier and used ok. Those calculators all assume you know the date of the last period, which I never do know, I just have a statement of "I am currently X weeks pregnant", when I need to know their EDD.

OP posts:
Myrtle1 · 16/07/2006 17:49

There is a good one on the NHS Direct website where you can just click on the number of weeks pregnant you are or try the one on the BBC website as I'm sure it gives you a due date too.

Have a look at this

or this

I hope the links work - wasn't too sure what I was doing!

cece · 16/07/2006 18:35 has one.

cece · 16/07/2006 18:35 has one.

cece · 16/07/2006 18:36 has one.

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